While the smartphone is an integral part of your life, doing some tasks with it becomes quite challenging. One of the most difficult of them is multitasking. You will find it difficult to answer a call while playing a game or replying to an urgent text.

If multitasking is considered, the best device is the PC, making it convenient for you to do multiple tasks effortlessly. How to do the tasks that can be done only on the smartphone with the same ease that you get on your desktop?

The answer is pretty simple! You can do it using Wondershare MirrorGo. This incredible software designed by the team of experts at Wondershare has made the lives of many much more comfortable. 

Now you can do whatever you want to do on your PC without looking at the small-screened iPhone. Want to record a screen, take screenshots or present a presentation from your iPhone on your PC? Don’t worry. MirrorGo has got you all covered.

With MirrorGo, you can transfer files and folders from your iPhone to your PC and vice versa, mirror iPhone to PC to view things much accurately, take screenshots, pictures and save them on your PC, and much more.

To do these things, you first need to connect the devices through a potential medium. This article will review the different mediums by which you can connect your devices and use this software to its maximum potential.  

Before proceeding towards its connection and usage, let’s first give you a brief introduction to the company and this incredible software.

About Wondershare

Wondershare is a worldwide famous company that is one of the top leading contenders in digital creativity and software development. This firm, launched in 2003, works towards making the lives of the people more straightforward and more convenient. 

With this aim in mind, they make full use of the available technology and design applications that help you achieve your dreams without much effort. Their applications and software are very convenient to use and offer you a simple solution to your needs and problems.

No wonder why this company is gaining wide popularity and trusted by so many people worldwide. They ignite the fire inside you so that with their small help, you can live your passion and creatively fulfill all your dreams.  

Now that you know this company’s motive and what makes it so popular, let’s jump into learning how this software MirrorGo by this incredible company Wondershare, can be used and connected.

Create an Account

To use MirrorGo effectively, you will have to install the software and then launch it on your PC. However, the story doesn’t end here! After you have installed the software, you will have to create a free account to access it.

You will have to fill in the necessary fields like name, password, etc., and in no time, your account will be created. Now there are three options that you can use to create your account.

The first option is to install the MirrorGo and then create your account by clicking on the user icon. The second option is to visit Wondershare’s homepage and then make your account on MirrorGo on that platform. 

Once you have created an account, you can effortlessly establish a connection with your iPhone and use the software effectively to do your work. Recently another alternative has emerged in front of the users.

The third option is to connect via social networking service account. You can also sign up for MirrorGo using your social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, etc. This method saves time, and also, you need not make a new credential for logging into MirrorGo. You can use them as the credential for your MirrorGo account and start using its fantastic features.

Connecting your devices via WiFi 

You can mirror both your android and iOS smartphones to your laptop by using MirrorGo software and perform different tasks. However, here we will focus on the iPhone.

Let us get into the details.


To mirror your iPhone and transfer data from one device to another, you need to connect your iPhone and PC. The best possible way to connect both devices is by using WiFI. 

Follow the given below easy steps to mirror your iPhone to your PC.

  1. Connect both your PC and iPhone to the same WiFi.
  2. Open your iPhone and under the screen mirroring option select Mirror Go.
  3. Now you can see your iPhone screen on your PC.
  4. Before using the iPhone screen on your PC with mouse you have to enable the assistive touch option in your iPhone
  5. Just go to Settings option in your iPhone
  6. Now go to Accessibility tab and then look for Touch tab.
  7. Click on the Touch tab and enable the assistive touch toggle button.
  8. Now you can use the mouse to take screenshots, record the screen and handle all the notifications without any unnecessary hassle.

Some Final Words

MirroGo is one of the best software that comes in handy to do daily life activities. The purpose of this software is to make your life much more straightforward and convenient. It can be effortlessly used once installed.

Ensure that your iPhone is correctly connected before using this software. Follow the connecting methods listed above to use it to its maximum potential.