DVDs are old: that’s something we all have to agree. However, they are by no means extinct. When you are a media professional or enthusiast, there are many ways you can use Digital Versatile Discs.

We should not forget the benefits and high-end quality of Blu-Ray discs. They are still one of the best ways to enjoy film and TV Series content, especially if you don’t have high-end internet connectivity. But, do you know that you can create DVDs on your own? Of course, you would need an awesome tool like Wondershare DVD Creator.

In this article, we will have a quick review of Wondershare DVD Creator and why it’s one of the best tools to create DVDs with ease. We will go through different aspects like performance and UI as well.

What is Wondershare DVD Creator

As the name says, Wondershare DVD Creator is a tool that lets you create DVDs with ease. However, apart from the option to create DVDs, the program offers other options too, such as burning DVDs. It means that you can simply burn the desired files to a DVD disc in no time. Compared to other DVD creation tools there, Wondershare DVD Creator packs some awesome productivity features as well.

Wondershare DVD Creator is available for both Windows and Mac. Though you can for free try Wondershare DVD Creator, the program is paid. For getting complete set of features, you will have to purchase its premium version that costs $49.95 per Mac/PC. But, what matters is that you are getting some awesome features that make Wondershare DVD Creator one of the best DVD toolboxes out there.

Creating DVDs using Wondershare DVD Creator

When it comes to creating DVDs, Wondershare DVD Creator offers multiple options. You can create a brand-new project or open the existing one. Unlike many other tools, Wondershare DVD Creator has employed a wizard-based DVD creation system.

Systematically, you can add the sources, set up the menu using templates as well as customization tools, Preview the DVD content and burn it. Now, as far as burning is concerned, you can either burn it to physical disc or save the DVD content as a portable file, such as ISO or DVDMedia.

Burning DVDs using Wondershare DVD Creator

Apart from the fully-fledged DVD creation wizard, there is a one-click method to burn DVDs as well. In here, you can simply add all the files you want to burn to the wizard. It should be noted that Wondershare DVD Creator is quicker than most of the DVD creators we’ve seen.

Now, when you are done, you can burn the contents to a physical disc or digital file. In both these cases, we found that Wondershare DVD Creator is offering the best speeds in town. Each of the processes is quicker than the other.

Why Wondershare DVD Creator is A Cool Choice

Of course, there may be some DVD creator software that can do the same things. However, we found some major features that can change the DVD creating experience.

  • Wondershare DVD Creator offers multiple video support. Instead of burning videos one by one, you can bring all the videos together. It does not take much time, either. When you have multiple works to finish, it’s a great feature, indeed.

  • Compatibility is one of the strong points of Wondershare DVD Creator. It actually supports more than 150 audio and video formats. Thanks to the wide codec support, you will be able to load, edit and burn almost any kind of video to the DVDs.
  • One-click DVD Burning, as we said earlier, is the coolest feature. There are times when you just need to play the contents in random order. Considering that, you can save a lot of time when you go for a one-click DVD burning system

We found these features to be really impressive too.

Miscellaneous Features We Loved

There are also some other minor but useful features in this DVD Burner. Some of them are:

  • There is a simple but effective video editing module inside Wondershare DVD Creator. You can make basic changes to the video before you burn it to the disc, which is great.

  • As said earlier, Wondershare DVD Creator lets you customize the DVD menu with the help of various elements. You can actually create a wonderful DVD menu that is unique as well.
  • Don’t have time to create a fully-fledged video? Wondershare DVD Creator lets you drag in photos and create a slideshow in a single click.

As we said, these features can save you a lot of time.

The Bottom Line

Compared to the many DVD creators and DVD burners we’ve tried; Wondershare DVD Creator is a power-packed choice for most people. Both beginners and intermediate users can get the best results from this tool — thanks to the simple UI as well. Considering the ample amount of features, we believe that Wondershare DVD Creator is reasonably priced.