We have become greatly dependence on gadgets to do on about our daily life and majority of these gadgets in an average man’s life are smartphones. Smartphone have become such an integral part of our life that we use them 24 hours a dsy, right from waking up in the morning to an alarm set on our smartphone to reading e-books before we doze off. We also store a great deal of personal and financial data on our smartphone.

However, like all machines smartphones too can have breakdowns and these breakdowns can lead to data loss. Data that is important and valuable to you. But data loss from smartphones doesn’t really have a solution. That however was until now. Today, we’re reviewing one of the best data recovery tools for Android smartphones. So let’s get talking about Wondershare Dr. Fone


  1. Android Data Recovery

Wondershare Dr. Fone is very efficient in restoring any and all lost or deleted files on your Android smartphone. The tool can restore a variety of files including Contacts, Messaging, Call History, Whatsapp messages & attachments, Gallery, Audio, Video and Documents. You can choose which type of file to recover and DR. Fone will do it for you.

  1. Android SD Card Data Recovery

Dr. Fone works not only in restoring files lost from your Android device but also for the files lost from the SD card you had in any Android device. All you need to do is insert the memory card into the computer, select the types of files you want to restore and watch Dr. Fone do the rest.

  1. Android Broken Data Recovery

When it comes to smartphone screens, each one of us has a horror story to share where they dropped their phone and they screen broke and stopped working and you were left with a bricked device. Dr. Fone can work with those devices too along with bricked devices to bring back the data that you thought went away with the phones.

  1. More Tools

Although still in development, the More Tools section houses a new feature that enables you to remove the lock screen from your phone for those times when you forget the lock screen pass word to it. This feature however is only compatible with Samsung made Android smartphones till the time of publishing of this article.

How to Restore Data

Dr. Fone is not only feature to rich but also very easy to use. Here’s a simple step by step tutorial with screenshots to guide you on the process of how to recover deleted data using the tool. Let’s begin.

Before we begin with the process, there’s one small thing you need to do. You have to enable the USB Debugging mode on your Android smartphone before Dr. Fone can recover the data. In order to do that, go to Settings > About Phone and repeatedly click on the Build Number option 5-7 times. This will enable the Developer Options. Then go back to Settings and then to the Developer Options and there enable the USB Debugging mode.

  • To begin, connect your android device to the computer through a USB cable and launch Dr. Fone. A few seconds later, the software will recognize your device.
  • Once the device is properly connected, you will have the choice to choose from one of the 4 options mentioned below
  1. Android Data Recovery: To recover data from a normal working phone.
  2. Android SD Card Data Recovery: To recover data from an SD card.
  3. Android Broken Data Recovery: To recover data from a broken, bricked or dead Android device.
  4. More Tools: To remove the lock screen from your Samsung Android device.

We decided to go with the Android Data Recovery option for this tutorial

  • The net step requires you to select one or multiple file types from the eight that the tool can restore, namely Contacts, Call History, Whatsapp Attachments & Messages, Gallery, Audio, Video and Documents. After selecting the types of files, click on the next button.
  • Fone will then scan your phone to find all the recoverable files of the type you chose.
  • We decided to restore the pictures and videos from our phone and the software dug up videos and images as old as a year. The pictures are displayed as shown below and you can select which ones you want to restore.
  • After you have selected which files to restore, you will be asked to choose the destination where you want to save the files.

There’s a playlist of video tutorials on YouTube if you’re still facing any difficulty in using the software. You can access the playlist here.

You can download the trial version of Wondershare Dr. Fone by heading to this link.

So this was our review of Wondershare Dr. Fone. Have any queries? Get back to us in the comments below and stay tuned for more.