If you and your firm are looking at building a high-end web app, you might want to hire angularjs developers to make your vision into reality. The framework you choose determines in the long run, how well your app functions, and the results that you get from it.

AngularJS is the perfect choice for you in this case. It impacts your app’s functionalities and determines the application of features in the long run.

The right developer can turn your product around. This is our guide to help you find the perfect candidate to develop your new web app.

First off, Who is an AngularJS Developer?

An AngualrJS developer is a high-end javascript coder. AngularJS requires a much more focused and unique approach and has several rules that allow coders to make the most of the platform and give their clients the exact type of web app that they are looking for.

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But the knowledge of javascript is not enough for being a good AngularJS developer. They must be able to navigate the nuances to give you the best results. And hence, hiring an AngularJS developer cannot be the same as a regular Javascript developer ad.

Pros and Cons of Hiring an AngularJS Developer

Now you know that you need an AngularJS developer for a project? This list will help you make a decision about the same.


  • You can expect rapid app development and prototyping from an AngularJS developer. The sooner the prototype is ready, the faster your testing team can test it, and hence, you can have an earlier app release date or, at worst, be on schedule.
  • AngularJS developers are highly skilled, and therefore, you can trust them with providing high-quality work. They even might bring brand-new ideas to the table, which might make your app better in the long run.
  • Depending on how and where you are hiring your AngularJS development team is from, you can significantly reduce the cost of development. Teams and developers from South Asian markets (such as India) are often highly skilled but charge lesser than those from the US.


  • There’s always a risk of a data leak. When you allow outsiders to access your data, you run a threat of data being sold or leaked to a competitor. What you can do is possibly restrict access or only hire verified individuals.
  • If you are not a coder yourself, you might find it difficult to keep a check on the quality of the work done.
  • If the team or individual breaks a contract or doesn’t maintain timelines, you might fall back on your delivery schedule and release date.

Types of AngularJS teams or Developers

The way the pros and cons play out in your hiring process depends on how you hire these AngularJS developers. There are essentially 3 ways in which you can hire your development team –

1. Freelance AngularJS Developers

You can easily hire freelancers from a wide range of websites such as Upwork or Freelancer. These platforms charge you quite less, and you can add your required filters to find the best fit for the job.

The issue here would, however, be the quality of work that these people turn in for you. You might get unlucky and get low quality work when you hire a freelancer online.

2. On-ground Employees

While this is not the most cost-effective option, this allows you to hire highly-skilled professionals on-ground to work with you in close quarters. These individuals will be able to give you good quality work from your premises.

However, they might not come cheap, given their skill set, and also based on your location. They can either be hired on a project basis or as permanent employees. But you can definitely optimize the cost by exploring other options.

3. Remote Employees

Remote employees have the same amount of accountability as an on-ground employee with the advantage of lower costing. You can find such potential AngularJS developers on almost all job search platforms.

4. Development Team

If you need a larger team to work on your project and do not want to manage it yourself, you can bring a development team on board. These teams can be in your country, in a neighboring country, or at an offshore location.

Once you find the perfect vendor and brief them on your requirements, they simply take over the work from there and manage the project end to end. Make sure you schedule weekly check-in calls to monitor the progress and QC for their work.

How to Hire The Best AngularJS Developers?

hire best angular js developers

When you are hiring an AngularJS Developer, these 3 tips might come in handy.

1. Be prepared

You must thoroughly define your requirements for hiring the developer. This is slightly different  from when you want to hire an javascript developer. They must have a good understanding of the software engineering aspects of AngularJS besides being well-versed in javascript.

You should also specify the skill-level and experience-level that you are looking for in a potential hire. You can include the specific requirements of your project as well, which would help you filter out candidates who, in any way, do not fit your bill.

You can also look at templates for creating job descriptions to make a foolproof ad which should talk about –

  • Your company
  • Job descriptions
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Required qualifications

2. Conduct a watertight Interview

This is your place to filter out the candidates who look great on paper but do not actually fit into your company’s vision & culture or do not have the exact skillsets that you are looking for.

Make sure that you ask specific questions that test out both their problem-solving abilities as well as their general knowledge in the field.

3. Find great candidates by yourself

You do not need to wait for that perfect resume to land up on your door. You can search for these candidates on your own. There are many platforms like UpWork, Angellist, GitHub, technical blogs, online communities, LinkedIn, as well as developer events.

Once you find a great candidate, make sure that you stay in touch and put in every effort to hire the person once a great role opens up for them.

In Conclusion

While hiring an AngularJS developer, you must be completely clear about who you want to hire and why and what are the criteria that you are using for the same. If you think hiring a recruiter or another team member who can help you streamline this process, you must absolutely take their help!