Online gaming, until recently, was mostly played by men. But, not anymore. Of late, breaking the stereotypes are many women who have taken up playing online games vehemently. The surge in their numbers has a lot of interesting things to say about this development. Owing to their hectic lives, many women who are active online gamers perceive online games as a means to relax their mind and rest. So much so that,some women have taken up playing professionally too.

These women are surely the trailblazers of the change. Perhaps, one question that predictably comes to our mind is if women are changing the face of online gaming? Well, it may be a bit early to take any stance at this point in time, but if the trends are any indication then a huge change is coming our way, which is hard to ignore and had never happened before in the last few decades. Well, let’s explore more.

1. To be at ease with technology

The conventional thinking has always painted women and technology as polls apart. However, this notion is changing for the better. One of the reasons that could be attributed to women being active online gamers is many women take up gaming to get them acquainted with the technology and be abreast with the latest developments. It is also observed that developing a comfort level with technology will have a great impact on their career and help them advance to higher levels.

2. Games teach skills

While most of the online games are simulations of certain situations, they help you teach skills like critical analysis and collaboration – skills very much essential in real-life business situations. Some of the games are strategy based and calls for brainstorming, information sharing, and problem-solving activities in order to progress to the next level of the game. Women are drawn to these aspects and perhaps their growing numbers is a proof to this thought.

3. More gaming options

Unlike the earlier days where the options were limited to either console games or PCs, today women have more options to play – mobile games, games that are free-to-play and games on social platforms too. With smartphones being the most preferred gaming platform in the recent years, more and more women find it very appealing to play these games on their smartphones. From popular genres like puzzles, word games or card games like online rummy, these are playing all. Many reputed online card games websites like Junglee Rummy have witnessed the growth in female gamers of late. Also, there has been a steep hike in the number of mobile gamers in the last couple of years.

4. Games with a broader perspective

It’s time that games appeal to a larger audience. Regardless who the gamer is – men or women, games with a broader perspective are always welcoming. This leads to diverse gaming experiences among the target audience. Hence, as online games are becoming a part of our culture, it is both challenging and a responsibility on the part of the game developers to develop games with a broad gamer-base.


Women are no longer the minority gamers – they are a force to reckon and online gaming websites need to take a cue of this development as early as possible.