macOS Catalina brought many things to the Mac ecosystem, and it could very well be one of the best macOS releases we have seen. Another big thing it did was to mark the definite death of iTunes, which has been the recommended solution for managing your iTunes. Now, Apple has included device management within the Finder interface, but we all know that it’s not enough. So, it’s high time we think about an iPhone manager that gets the job done. We also believe everyone would agree when we say that iTunes was not that great in the first place. 

It was after some search on the Internet that we came across something worthy — WinX MediaTrans. In this article, we will be having a brief review of MediaTrans and how good of an iPhone manager it is. Shall we?

What Is WinX MediaTrans?

To call WinX MediaTrans an iTunes alternative would be an understatement. Sure, WinX MediaTrans will let you manage your iPhone, iPad and even an iPad, but the features are incomparable. You are getting features that you had not even dreamed of in iTunes. Also, WinX MediaTrans is so customizable and easy to control. 

From photo backup to file encryption and from music management to eBook organization, there is a lot of things you can do with WinX MediaTrans. It’s currently available for Windows devices and supports even the latest iPhone 11 and 11 Pro series. As far as the basics are concerned, WinX MediaTrans gets all right. Now that you have the basics clear, shall we check out what else WinX MediaTrans offers?

Who Needs WinX MediaTrans?

In our opinion, everyone does.

As said earlier, if you have to manage your iPhone or iPad, WinX MediaTrans is the best shot. Suppose you’re shifting from your iPhone X to the latest iPhone 11 Pro. You don’t want to miss the photographs from your old phone; nor do you want the tiresome task of backups. This is an area where WinX MediaTrans can work. This app allows you to easily back up, manage and restore content from your iPhone.

Also, not everyone wants to pay Apple for the extra iCloud storage. In that instance, you need a simple yet effective iPhone manager that helps you back up data on a regular basis. As it goes without saying, we have found WinX MediaTrans to be an awesome solution here too.

So, you have many instances and reasons to justify the need of WinX MediaTrans.

What Is WinX MediaTrans Capable Of?

We can’t possibly list all the features in the WinX MediaTrans package. So, we’re focusing on the main ones.

  • Media Transfer: WinX MediaTrans is the best solution for transferring media files between your PC and an iPhone/iPad. Unlike iTunes, this tool gives you complete control over the process. You also do get some additional features like ringtone maker, video compression and auto-convert option for an unsupported video file.

  • Data Backup: Definitely better than iTunes backup options, WinX MediaTrans can give you solace as it comes to the data back-up department. The tool supports various kinds of data backup methods, in addition to offering best-in-class speeds and HEIC support. It’s comprehensive to say the least if you ask us.

  • Content Management: Apart from photos and videos, WinX MediaTrans lets you manage additional content like podcasts and voice memos. This feature comes in very handy at times and the interface is pretty intuitive. Personally speaking, it’s good to take care of your eBooks in a better way. All this while, you don’t come across those annoying iTunes errors.

  • Additional Features: There are certainly some additional features in the WinX MediaTrans package. For instance, it lets you convert your iPhone/iPad into a secret USB device, which isn’t possible if you are using iTunes. Similarly, we should not miss the overall compatibility of the tool. It supports such a huge number of formats that you don’t need any other converter utility.

Last but not least, we should appraise the simple-yet-effective User Interface in WinX MediaTrans. It is so easy to use that even if you haven’t used an iPhone manager before, you can do very well. Also, it feels very easy to connect the device to the PC using WinX MediaTrans.

The Bottom Line

WinX MediaTrans is surely one of the best iPhone managers you can have at this point. The UI is great and it packs such an awesome collection of features to begin with. Compared to even the best iTunes experience you had, WinX MediaTrans is way better. And, if you are planning to get this awesome tool, the timing can’t get better.

WinX MediaTrans is now offering a whopping 50% discount on the discount version. Make sure you check out the offer and purchase your copy of WinX MediaTrans.