How often have you misplaced or damaged your favorite DVD collection? If you have a huge collection like I do, that number would be very high. That is why I have always wanted to protect my precious content in an impressive way possible — DVD backups and copying. Also, whenever a particular disc is about to be worn off completely, I would copy the content to a new DVD. 

As someone who loves collecting full DVD collections of my favorite TV shows, these things have helped me a lot. Something that I didn’t have is a single tool that I can use for both these purposes. That was until I came across WinX DVD Copy Pro. I thought there will be others like me, and here is a short review of this wonderful tool.

What Is WinX DVD Copy Pro?

Primarily, WinX DVD Copy Pro is a tool made to help you copy and take back up of DVD discs. It’s been built in such a way that the program allows you to copy a wide variety of DVD discs, including workout DVDs and movie collection DVDs. In case you were wondering, there are cloning capabilities as well. 

This means you’ll be able to convert the entire data from one DVD disc to another. And all of these are done without any kind of quality loss. That is, if you are converting or copying a DVD of 4K Blu-Ray content, you would surely have the same quality for the output file.

As of now, WinX DVD Copy Pro is available for Windows PCs only. Given that you have the right drives and other hardware, you can use the program for all your DVD management needs. Now that you have an idea about the basics, shall we check out what WinX DVD Copy Pro has to offer?

The UI

Compared to the other DVD copying tools we have come across, the UI of WinX DVD Copy Pro is intuitive at its core. You don’t have to worry about getting lost in the UI or even getting confused of what to do next. At the first moment you open the program, you would be led to the main interface itself. 

It’s very easy to select the sources and move towards the process you want to complete — be it copying, backing up content and breaking the protection of region codes, Sony ARccoS etc. The fact that you can deal with almost every type of protection using a simple tool like WinX DVD Copy Pro is just amazing.

Long story short, you can’t go wrong with the UI of WinX DVD Copy Pro.

What’s It Capable Of?

Let’s have a quick look on the major features of WinX DVD Copy Pro.

  • Copy, Clone and Backup

As we said earlier, this DVD copy software for Windows would help you manage your DVD collection like you have never seen before. It does not matter if you want to do disc-to-disc cloning or DVD to VIDEO_TS folder, WinX DVD Copy Pro does the job right. In case you want to store the content in a more comfortable format, you can go for MPEG4 as well.

  • Protection Management

You can use WinX DVD Copy Pro for breaking the restrictions in discs as well. Region codes and CSS, RCE, UOPs, Sony ARccOS, APS protection methods can be broken using WinX DVD Copy Pro. You can also ensure the best resurrection of content if you have a corrupted DVD with you. Also, compared to other DVD copying tools we have seen before, WinX DVD Copy Pro does the job in a very quick manner.

  • Advanced Functions

Despite the intuitive UI and straightforward approach, WinX DVD Copy Pro has some advanced features that can help you. As you may have noticed, this DVD copy software for Windows does a lot of jobs than simply copying the DVDs. At the end of the day, you can get everything done with fewer number of apps. You can, for instance, copy different sectors from a DVD as per your convenience.

Before We Conclude

WinX DVD Copy Pro is definitely one of the best tools you can get if you have a DVD collection. Making things even awesome, the developers are offering a deal right now. You can get WinX DVD Copy Pro for free, thanks to the giveaway conducted by the developers. Now that this is here, we have all the more reasons to recommend WinX DVD Copy Pro to all our readers.