If you want your Windows computer to work fast and smooth, you need to have a certain type of software installed. We’re not talking about additional features, which will make your computer cool and help you in gaming or photo editing. A useful software is a basic software, which your PC needs to have more free space, to eliminate bugs, to run smoothly, and to get rid of unnecessary programs. How does it work?

For example, you switch on your computer and understand that the system doesn’t react to your commands instantly. This might mean that you have too much of unnecessary files, cookies, and duplicates. So, how to get back your PC to life again? The answer is simple – just download ccleaner latest version and clean your computer in a few minutes. This example is only the first one among hundreds of similar ones.

So, what program do you need exactly to update your Windows to a professional level?

Top Programs for Updating Your Computer

1. Remix OS Player. It is an Android emulator, but not the ordinary one. The program is brand new on the market. It’s like a PC and an Android in one place. The program is multitasking, allowing you to work in several windows at the same time, splitting and sizing them as you want. The only condition is to have a really good PC. Thus, the program will run smoothly and fast.

2. Teracopy Portable. This software will help you a lot if your PC is not strong enough to load programs really fast. What Teracopy Portable does is helping you copy and move files within the shortest possible time. A high-speed transfer is the main feature of the program. However, it has a few more interesting, and what’s most important useful options: interactive file lists, error recovery, pause/resume, etc. Generally, the program eases and speeds up any file transferring process on your computer.

3. uTorrent – If you don’t have this well-known Windows program yet then get it as soon as possible. This program is a treasure for those who constantly download different files from the Internet and share those files with others. It is a BitTorrent, full of extra features, useful for any PC user. The interface is simple, clean, and understandable. Here you get a set of tabs like File, Speed, Rating, etc. And what is more important, the program doesn’t take a lot of space on your computer, as other similar programs do. It is a perfect combination of high-speed downloading, lightweight, and functionality. The program works with all Windows versions without delays and bugs. This is one of the best universal programs ever, relating to videos, files, movies, and music.

Hopefully, this article is going to help you to update your PC and make it more user-friendly.