It is almost impossible to imagine a world without the internet these days. The Internet has been inculcated in our lives to the point that we find it hard to imagine that there existed a world without the internet in the previous decades. There is no denying the fact that the internet has enabled us to be more connected with the world than ever before. This has not been possible in human history before the introduction of internet technology. The availability of fast-speed internet connection has revolutionized the world in so many ways, particularly the business world, opening doors to new opportunities and better reach. This has all been possible with the widespread availability of faster internet speeds by reliable providers. Even if you are looking for more reasonable options, you can find a suitable fit among the reliable Xfinity internet plans to enjoy faster speeds at affordable pricing. We have seen impressive growth in the coverage and serviceability of big providers thriving to make their high-speed internet more accessible and budget-friendly. 

Moreover, the advancement in technology has also played a vital role in ensuring faster and more reliable internet connectivity. One of the best advancements in recent times has been fiber optic internet technology that has made whopping fast internets speeds that were once considered a dream, now a reality. 

So yes, you are among those living in the times where you can enjoy lightning-fast download and upload speeds. Here is how subscribing to a good optic fiber internet plan can help to enjoy blazing-fast ad uninterrupted Wi-Fi connectivity. Dive in!

What Speed to Expect with Fiber-optic Internet?

What Speed to Expect with Fiber-optic Internet?
Speeds surely vary depending on the provider and plan you choose. In the case of fiber optics, the advanced optic cabling transmits information in the form of light impulses. Their width can be compared to that of a hair strand. Yes, probably a little wider than that. You can expect speeds as high as 1 Gbps and higher. Something that makes fiber internet different from others is the fact that it offers symmetrical download and upload speeds. Not just that, if multiple users are accessing the network simultaneously, you will not experience any speed lags. Any extreme weather changes might have a slight impact on the speeds you experience. If you notice any slight lags, you must check the age of your device. 

Speeding up your Wi-Fi connection

All of us are highly dependent on Wi-Fi for accessing the internet on various devices. Fiber-optic technology allows us to experience faster internet speeds. If you want to speed up your Wi-Fi connection, keep a check on the number of devices connected simultaneously and the distance of your device from the router. 

Stay Near the Router

It is recommended that you stay close to the router to experience the fiber-optic internet speeds to the maximum. It can also slow down if there are any obstacles in the way. You are likely to find faster and more reliable signals if you stay close to the router and keep all obstacles away. Make sure that there are o electrical devices in the way since they might also cause certain hindrances in the transmission of the signals. So make sure there are no metallic barriers or obstacles around your router. 

Switch to 5GHz Frequency 

Switch to 5GHz Frequency 
It is better to switch to a 5GHz signal to enjoy more improved internet speeds. Using 2.4 GHz might have greater chances of interferences because most of our electronic devices operate on that frequency like microwaves for instance. 

Updating the Device

Phones and laptops models also affect internet speeds. Newer devices make use of standards that support faster Wi-Fi speeds. You can check the standards used by your device to know if it is capable of faster speeds. For instance, devices using 802.11ac Wave2 standard support faster speeds as compared to the ones using other protocols. 

Updating the Security Settings

Switching to the WPA2 security of your fiber broadband will maximize the download speed and your Wi-Fi performance. Not only it will protect your network from any unidentified usage but also protect you from hackers in a better way as compared to WEP security. 

Wrapping Up, 

In order to experience better Wi-Fi performance, you can make use of the aforementioned tips and get more reliable wireless internet connectivity.