At least once, each of us has heard about cloud games, but most likely, not everyone understands what it is all about. So, when most ordinary games require downloading, you only need a screen and an internet connection for cloud games. The player can safely play with cloud gaming as the one is simply in the cloud where all game processes and visualization are done remotely.

The world is changing, and more online casino players want originality about themselves and modernity and action speed. As a result, the casino slot providers need to make various decisions and grow in the right direction to retain existing users and increase new ones.

The cloud gaming system changes the basic rules of slot games and allows to modernize casino systems at a good pace without any impressive investments in equipment. Besides, the cloud will provide casinos with an increase in their capabilities, productivity, improve the analytical data collection system, provide users with a broader range of functions in the game process, and provide a greater security percentage. 

Microsoft’s xCloud game streaming service is slated to launch in Australia in early 2021, with internal testing and preparation underway. One of the main aspects of preparing the launch for Australia is the specifics of the country’s Internet connection, which, to put it mildly, is not quite in good condition now. Since cloud gaming is still considered something very new, they can still face several technical problems even with a strong Internet connection. Still, many experts believe that the future lies behind such games; the main thing is that they overcome all difficulties. So, for Australians with questionable Internet, the journey of cloud gaming can be quite long.

Cloud gaming eliminated the need for expensive gaming equipment needed for traditional gaming. Most pokies games are now streamed over the internet and are available from any device. So, all you need to play real money pokies online in Australia with cloud gaming is a fast internet connection. But is it that simple? Let’s find out.

Things to know about Cloud Gaming

The world of games is large, and the possibilities, how and what to play on, too. Some of the most common areas can be distinguished: console games and mobile, the latter are in the cloud’s key. The easiest way to understand the main differences and advantages from the other will be by looking at their pros and cons.

Console games

Owning the game after purchasing itCost (first, the player will need to spend at least $ 300)
Offline game modeA long wait for the game to start
Best performance metricsYou need to download the game to your device
Proven system with stabilityFor large games – impressive memory usage + game updates
Rapid wear of equipment relevance


Mobile cloud gaming

Play on multiple devices without losing game progressA good internet connection is needed, especially for big games
No need to download the game to your device or update itFast waste of internet traffic
Touch input supportLimiting services
One gaming experience using any devicePotential technical issues for new games
Portability and accessibilityNo 100% game ownership


With the development of cloud gaming and the desire to have a stable game, many are thinking about the possibility of remote renting workstations for their gaming processes. This service will be attractive to users who do not have a powerful enough device for some big games to a greater extent. By renting virtual machines on credit, they will be able to play the games they want and countries in which services with cloud games have not yet been launched, in Australia, for example. There are requests for a virtual computer rental service or the creation of a rental base in the global network, especially for Australia, which proves the players’ growing popularity and interest.

In gambling, cloud gaming offers several impressive advantages, and many online casinos are interested in this. The player could easily play from any device with no download of some additional app, receive an attractive bonus and, of course, be able to win, including a substantial jackpot – and all this without binding the player and his gameplay to his territorial location. But cloud technologies are not yet as close as they seem, especially for countries with weak Internet, and they can be expensive and not available free. But we must never forget that we now have these slot machines with free game mode, from trusted providers such as Aristocrat, they are always easy to find, and the number of games provided is impressive. So, real money pokies online in Australia remain at their high and well-deserved level of popularity, and for a good reason.

What Real Money Pokies Require from the Cloud 

Online casinos see cloud gaming as the future for the development of their industry and the addition of users worldwide, even from those regions where gambling has some limitations. After all, the cloud allows players to access their favorite games through remote servers, most likely located not even in their country, and not have any problems with the law.

Moreover, the game in the cloud provides many more advantages due to the gameplay in real-time. The player can receive various bonuses and privileges while playing slots, make direct casino bets, switch from different devices, and be aware of all changes in rates.

The cloud removes an impressive burden from the casino storage systems and databases, improves the mobility and speed of bets during the game, and provides game data in real-time. The cloud makes it easy to collect and analyze user data, which provides a more personalized experience for each player and creates uniqueness.

The security of cloud systems is also one of the impressive advantages. If earlier, many wondered about data placement security, now this question disappears because cloud providers provide online casinos with security at an industrial level not to be afraid of their data. This kind of protection is much higher than the existing local infrastructures.

Currently, cloud games are not yet so stable and widespread that online casinos start using them. Still, many countries do not have cloud providers and stable high-speed Internet at their disposal; the latter is one of the most critical points for cloud systems’ good performance. So, the gamblers will have to wait.

What if cloud gaming goes off?

When cloud gaming technology began to make its first strides, many knowledgeable people and fans believed that such games were the future. But not everything is so simple, the technology has been evolving for over ten years, and statistics from manufacturers and subscribers are not successful, which greatly darkens the cloud’s future. Many executives and industry analysts believe that cloud gaming will face many different challenges to achieve real popularity.

To a large extent, everything depends on the players and whether they will pay a monthly fee for using the cloud service; otherwise, cloud games will stop developing and even cease to exist. Besides, by tracking and analyzing the data, the British company Juniper Research concluded that a subscription cost should be lower than the existing $70-80 per game. Also, revenues for gaming companies from cloud games will average less than 25% – it depends on the number of regions with a strong internet connection and the cloud’s popularity.

A cloud is an excellent option for playing pokies for real money to access a wider range of games quickly and easily. The player gets more secured access to slot games, starting with payment processors protecting customer data and ending with continuous updates of cloud system security flaws. This could be another advantage for the appropriateness of the demand for cloud gaming, particularly in Australia. The real-time game is also distinguished by the receipt of various casino offers and pokies in-game bonuses. It gives the player a more significant advantage over playing from the downloaded game to the device.

As for the transition of slot machines with a game mode for real money in Australia in 2021, when Microsoft’s xCloud game streaming service is to enter the country, everything is very ambiguous. After all, Australians still have issues with a stable Internet. Still, the advantage of cloud games for casinos is great, and most likely many large industry players will strive to implement the transition of pokies to the cloud quickly, but this will not be a quick and not easy way. First of all, it is necessary to improve the quality of the Internet in the country, and then it will be more comfortable.