Predicting any kind of market trend is incredibly difficult. In the highly competitive, constantly changing app industry, it becomes even trickier. We see many developers take steps such as buying app reviews to give their product an early boost in what is a fiercely contested sector.

Apps are at the forefront of technology. As new tech is developed, we see this reflected in the apps available in digital stores. Artificial intelligence (AI) is currently the most exciting developing technology, and we’re seeing it used across an increasing range of fields and industries. Let’s take a look at AI art apps and discuss how popular they will be in Q1 2022.

What is AI?

If you are unfamiliar with the concept of AI itself, the idea of an AI art app may be totally alien. Essentially, AI is a term given to the use of highly advanced and sophisticated computer systems to emulate human thinking and intelligence. AI systems can think independently and make decisions without human input. What’s more, they can learn as they go, which is why we often hear AI used interchangeably with the term machine learning. We’re seeing AI technology implemented in a growing list of industries, from design and manufacturing to creative fields.

What are AI Art Apps?

First developed for purely practical reasons, it wasn’t long before people began to discover the artistic opportunities AI technology offered. AI art apps use the tech to allow users to generate unique, highly detailed artistic pictures, either based on an existing image that they can upload or a totally new artwork never seen before.

AI-powered filters have perhaps been the most popular form of AI art apps. Prisma and Lensa are two of the most well-known, both taking the internet by storm in the past few years. These apps use machine learning to edit and retouch user selfies, turning them into realistic paintings or cartoon-style caricatures.

More recently, advancements in AI technology have pushed AI art apps to the next level. Now, users can generate unique images by simply giving the app a prompt. These apps can create just about anything you can imagine, with the results ranging from hilarious to horrifying.  

How Popular will AI Art Apps be?

AI art apps are already incredibly popular, with experts predicting we will only see their use become more widespread as we head into Q1. What AI art apps have done is essentially democratize art. People with no real artistic skill or training can now create their own unique and highly personalized artwork in a matter of seconds. This sounds incredible, but it has left many professional artists worried about the future of the industry.


AI art apps are a testament to the power of technology and how far it has come in recent years. While they offer fun and enjoyment for millions of people, there are concerns about what they mean for the art industry in the future.