There was a time – not so long ago, really – when if you wanted to enjoy your sport and make a little wager on the outcome of the game or match, you’d need to physically go to a brick-and-mortar outlet and place your bet. When the Internet became popular, placing bets online became the way to go. We’ve surpassed even that nowadays and are able to do it all on the go thanks to our mobile phones.

There are good reasons why so many platforms and gaming providers invest a lot of money to ensure their customers can avail of the apps and sites on their phone; they understand that the industry is a competitive one, and that punters demand convenience. Here’s why your next sports bet should be through your mobile phone.

Basic features

Betting via a mobile gadget (such as your phone) offers you many features you wouldn’t otherwise be able to enjoy. Here are just some of them:

  • The operators do not charge for any fees for playing on the mobile phone
  • The only limits to your coverage is the limits imposed by the coverage of the event and the online capability of the area you are in
  • The operators put security first, and the high security measures means your transactions are safe in every way
  • Day and night, wherever you are, for a minute or an hour – you choose

Some advantages

There are many advantages, but here are just some of the great benefits:

  • You play whenever you want to, wherever you want to, and for how long you want to – you’re in complete control, even when you’re on the move
  • Information is updated right away, so you’re always receiving the latest news
  • When you think about it, you truly save a lot of money moving back and forth between different stations; you have everything you need and shouldn’t spend more than you have to

The increase in popularity

Being able to do these things whilst you’re on the move is a real selling point – and on top of that the platforms and online companies tend to throw a lot of benefits, bonuses, free bets, and other enticements your way. The increase in popularity is real, and it’s predicted to continue for quite some time.

The online (and mobile) betting community is the fastest growing industry in the UK – and this is not just an expression; it’s a real fact. Many bookmakers report a serious increase in bet-placing via mobile devices, some of them reporting even as much as 34% of all their revenue. This trend is sure to continue, and it’s great news for the consumer; providers are sure to make the whole betting experience much more exciting in the near future.