Technology is growing at an alarming rate. Heck, it doesn’t matter if you are currently in school or a telemarketer, there is a good chance that you have been impacted by technology in some form. Take your smartphone for instance. This is probably a device that you can’t live without. You probably use it to access the Internet everyday. Well, this is a technology that once didn’t exist. All that aside, there is no denying that technology is all around you and many businesses are starting to use it to their benefit. SMS technology is without a doubt a growing trend that will explode before too long. If your business hasn’t started an SMS marketing campaign, you could be missing out.

Targeting Your Audience

If you look at traditional marketing techniques they nothing more than casting a big, wide net and hoping that you get a catch. The purpose of posting a billboard by the interstate is to have as many people as possible to see it throughout the day. Well, how many of those people are actually going to be interested in what you are offering? Probably not even half, and this is where SMS marketing comes in handy. It is the exact opposite of this scenario. People that participate in SMS programs will have to agree to do so beforehand, which means you already have them hooked. It will not be your job to get them to make the final splurge. Your chances of doing so with this type of campaign are much higher as compared to traditional marketing methods and strategies.

Sweet And To The Point

In order for marketing to be effective, it needs to be quick and fast. Unfortunately, an e-mail message, billboard, or newspaper ad are none of these things, but can you guess what is? A text message! That’s right, there is simply little to no delay when it comes to text messages. You send it, it pops up on the recipient’s phone, and they open and read it. What’s even more impressive is that the latest studies show that these messages are read within the first three minutes. How often and quickly do you read your texts? Probably as soon as they pop up, right? For a marketing point, you really can’t get more effective or efficient than this?

Try The Experience First

Aren’t there just times when you wished that you could have tried something before you fully invested? You always drive your car before you but it, right? Of course, you do as it only makes sense. Unfortunately, there are not a lot of marketing strategies that you get to test in real-world scenarios. You might end up spending thousands of dollars to only discover that your campaign is ineffective.

This won’t be the case when you choose to work with SMS marketing companies like These companies offer free trials, so you can test the campaign before fully investing. Try out your campaign on half your clients and see what the results are. If they are desirable then you are set. If not, then it’s back to the drawing boards, but at least you haven’t spent much money or time.

Very Cost-Effective

Marketing might be something that is essential to a business, but unfortunately, not all businesses are on the same playing level when it comes to marketing. Some companies might have limited marketing budgets, whereas others are restricted. This is exactly where text messages come in handy. How much does it cost to send an average text message? No much, and if you are operating on a budget this is something that you will appreciate to the fullest. It is currently estimated that it only costs anywhere from $0.035 to $ 0.10 cents to send a text message. You could target 50 to 100 customers without even spending more than just a few dollars.

The Conversion Rates

SMS marketing is not only a fraction of most traditional marketing campaigns, but it is one that comes with a higher conversion rate. The recent studies and polls show that the conversion rate on average is right around 8.22 percent. When you compare this to an average conversion rate of 1.73 percent for e-mail marketing, it should be more than clear what the winning method of marketing is.