Customer service remains at the center of all business performances. Customer service is rated using customer experience. Businesses that score well on customer satisfaction perform averagely better than the others. The mainstay of offering an excellent customer service experience has always been face to face customer-business interaction. For most businesses, there is a set customer service desk that handles customers on a day to day basis. To augment this, other businesses have clung to a customer service phone number that can handle customers at any time of the day, mostly within the working hours.

Here are six reasons why you still need s customer service phone number.

  • It Enables Handling of Customers Faster

Customers’ queuing for services at the business hall is a time-consuming exercise. The more the customers are, the more time it will take to attend to all of them. Having a customer service phone number relieves all the pressure during such a time. Customers can make phone calls from their convenient locations and get the services they need without having to queue. In effect, customers save both travel costs and time that they would have spent going to the business customer service desk. Customers appreciate a faster delivery of services, as with a call to the business.

  • Simplicity of Operations

A customer service phone number eases the mode of operation of a business. A business that uses a customer service phone number as an added advantage of the efficiency of operations. A customer service phone number is easy to access and incorporate them into the business. For most businesses, a maximum of two personnel to attend to the call line is required. A customer service phone number can serve more customers in a day than face to face customer interactions. This enables the business to reach a broader customer base more efficiently, therefore boosting its growth.

  • Empathy in Customer Service

A customer service phone number offers an avenue for a business to give its customers what they desire most; empathy in customer service. With the exclusion of face to face interaction, customer service phone calls are a sure way to give the callers empathy that is often missed.

Talking through the phone satisfies the customer through the emotion attached to the conversation. If the person handling the call is well-skilled in communication, they can use the avenue to show an empathic attitude to the customer. This ultimately scores well for the business.
  • It Is Convenient for Business Growth

A business can only rely on a face to face customer service up to a certain point, beyond which the situation easily runs out of control. Introducing customer service phone numbers gives an advantage of expanding the business and managing customer complaints on time. At such a point, the number of customers making inquiries to the business quickly overwhelms the customer service desk. If your business is facing such a scenario, you can easily manage with a customer service phone number. It even reduces the number of customers visiting the customer service desk, in addition to offering satisfactory service to them.

  • It Caters for Personal Enquiries

A business’s inability to offer a solution to customers with personal inquiries is a major setback for most businesses. Some customers prefer private questions that should not be handled at the regular desk in front of everyone. A customer service phone number gives a customer a confidential avenue to make inquiries that they would otherwise withhold. They feel helped and not judged at all since their questions are responded to in an empathic manner. Customers appreciate the phone number at this stage a big deal.

  • It’s Cost-Effective for the Business

Setting up a customer service phone number is cost-effective for the business. The costs incurred are for purchasing the number and airtime. For the personnel handling the line, most businesses prefer reassigning an employee to that responsibility. Cumulatively, the cost is insignificant for the business, given an estimation of the number of customers it serves. This works in favor of both the business and the customers. The business has an opportunity to give out more customer service at a cheap cost, while customers can access the business services from a distant location.


Although many businesses seem to rethink the decision to include a customer service phone number after a short while in operation, it has been realized that it is an indispensable venture.

Having a customer service phone number benefits both the business organization and the customers. While augmenting the customer service desk in operations, a phone number eases efficiency in handling customers from wherever they are. It’s an excellent venture to focus on if the customers are overwhelming the premises.