Have you ever lost your valuable data through any of the following data loss crises?

  • Improper operation
  • Volume loss
  • System crash
  • Virus attack
  • Hard drive corruption
  • Inadvertent formatting
  • Sudden deletion
  • Partition lost
  • RAW partition

There is a new free data recovery software that can recover your data in just three steps. It is a new data recovery software but it is gaining popularity because of its efficiency. One of the most attractive qualities of EaseUS Data Recovery application is its free version.

There are paid versions but the free version is effective enough for a lot of users. It can recover data as fast as possible without rendering any of the recovered files unreadable. It will first scan and notify you about all the recoverable files before going ahead.

While a lot of data recovery software are focused on just recovery and not the quality of the recovered data, EaseUS focuses on both. After all, recovery of an unusable data is a mere waste of time and effort. The software supports virtually all document formats like videos, images, music and so it is able to recover a wide variety of data.

The application works fine for all devices. It works on laptops, PCs, notebooks and all kinds of mobile devices. It also supports all kinds of operating systems like Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Mac, iOS and Android. All it takes is just three steps – Launch, scan and recover. It is as easy as that. Its free version is capable of recovering up to 2GB of lost data for you. Isn’t that impressive?

Don’t worry if you have emptied your recycle bin or deleted some files directly from your USB drive. EaseUS will retrieve them as quickly as possible and it will retrieve them in their best form. To ensure top performance all the time, there is a regular update and a 24 hour online support system to help resolve your issues as quickly as possible.

EaseUs is fast and it is very easy to use. Even a 10-year-old should be able to use it without any assistance. Despite having a free version, its paid versions offer free trials. With this software, language cannot be a barrier because there are different versions for different languages.

Apart from English, there are versions for the following languages

  • Turkish Version
  • Arabic Version
  • Hungarian Version
  • Polish Version
  • Norwegian Version
  • Russian Version
  • German Version
  • Danish Version
  • Swedish Version
  • Chinese Version – Traditional and simplified
  • Dutch Version
  • Italian Version
  • Spanish Version
  • Portuguese Version
  • Brazilian Version
  • French Version
  • Japanese Version

Despite all these versions, more versions are still in progress. All you have to do is to select your preferred language during installation. The most striking quality of EaseUS is its compatibility with all storage media.