Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – a game that’s been around for so many years that almost anyone and their grandma have heard about it. Despite going on for quite a while, the popularity has barely diminished. On the contrary, it had a boost thanks to the many updates the creators have added to the game. Not to mention, CS: GO betting sites like have also helped spread the popularity of the game and eSports in general.

But why should you personally pick up this game? What can you achieve?


  • It’s Not That Difficult to Learn


You may be overwhelmed by the amount of stuff you have to learn to get good at the game. The truth is, it doesn’t take that long to learn the basics. Sure, some things here and there may strike a nerve during your first matches but ultimately, you’ll find it easy to learn the main functions. Especially if you like it and become very dedicated, chances are you’ll get the hang of it. 


  • You Can Make Money


Betting has spread above traditional sports and has reached the world of eSports. This is good news for gaming lovers because now they can earn money if they bet on CS: GO. Nowadays, there are lots of reliable bookies to perform this action, so don’t refrain from trying it out. 


  • Big, Active Community to Play With


The best thing about CS: GO is that the community is very numerous, so you’ll always have someone to play with, even if they’re strangers. This makes it all more captivating and you’re going to be more willing to play. And why not, you can even make some online friends to play with regularly and improve your set of skills.


  • Wide Variety of Maps


CS: GO will never have you bored with its long list of maps to choose from. Each map is unique in its own way, having a certain level of difficulty and spots to hide, and so on. Of course, you don’t have to learn all of them from the get-go but pick a few maps that you like and try to master them. You’ll have a wonderful time.

Since CS: GO has been going successfully for so long, it must be doing something right. With such an active fan base, competitiveness, map variety and the suspense that comes with each game, you won’t regret picking up CS: GO.