Time Is Money

Everyone in the medical field knows that there is never enough time to meet with and inform patients and families, nor to explain new procedures, treatment plans, and processes to clinical teams.  A well-done video can save valuable time for doctors, nurses, allied health professionals and corporate medical sales teams.

Make The Complex Easy To Understand

Animation, combined with clear descriptive, has proven to be the best method to explain

complicated health information to clinicians, patients, and families. Presenting information in audio-visual format aids in message recall.

3D Animation enables you to explain complex processes in easily understood language, and can illustrate surgical procedures better than attempts to film during the actual treatment in the operating theater.

Patients And Families Expect You To Have Videos

The global medical animation market is forecasted to reach $421.11 million by 2023, according to an article on Reuters.

According to Austin Visuals, a Texas-based medical and scientific animation company using only American artists, animation informs potential patients and educates clinicians in an effective and cost-efficient way introducing innovative methods, new products, and devices, while ensuring that a consistent and accurate message is communicated.

How To Make The Best Healthcare / Scientific Explainer Video

Choose an experienced team of writers, artists, and producers who have worked with hundreds of pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, physician practices, and medical/surgical corporations. 

The team at Austin Visuals has produced hundreds of videos encompassing MOA, cellular alterations, pharmaceutical actions and interactions, anatomical studies including musculoskeletal reproductions, circulatory system reproductions, for cardiac, ophthalmic, orthopedic, neuro/brain pathways and more.  Austin Visuals has helped introduce dozens of new innovative medical and surgical devices for large and small corporations and entrepreneurial physicians.

Austin Visuals experts in scripting and production will consult with you to help you through the process of creating the best possible explainer video.  Steps include:

  • Helping you write a script to emphasize why your product or service is superior to

current methods or others available

  • Creating visualizations of products, MOA,  or in theater surgical experiences   
  • Demonstrating a new process or unique treatment
  • Finding professional voice over artists who give tone and gravitas to your message
  • Selecting background music to further the “feeling” of comfort or excitement or evoke another appropriate emotion
  • Ensuring that the viewers of your video know what to do think, or believe in the summary call to action in your video.

To learn more about creating the best medical explainer video for your purposes, contact [email protected]