With the digitization of almost every aspect of business, you may be surprised to know faxing is still relevant. In fact, many industries that oversee sensitive information, including the legal, medical, and security worlds, mandate that documents are sent via such platforms.

Ongoing tech advancements, however, have made it necessary to digitize this process for greater ease, convenience, and efficiency. As such, e-faxing has simplified the process by combining the best of two worlds: faxing and the internet. Ultimately, this results in more efficient and portable tools for secure communication.

How to Fax Online

There are several different ways to send a fax online. However, the basic requirements include having an email account, reliable internet connectivity, a device (desktop, laptop, or tablet), and a reliable online faxing service. Many providers offer innovative and convenient ways to send faxes online. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Sign up/subscribe to a free fax service.
  2. Choose a fax number to send and receive faxes.
  3. Type your message, attach documents where necessary, and send the fax.

Where to Obtain Online Faxing Services

A number of companies provide third-party online services that allow you to send and receive faxes via email as well as dedicated apps and software. While their baseline offerings may be similar, some provide innovative business solutions that distinguish them from the competition. Of course, choosing a vendor should fit your needs and budget. 

As such, contact multiple vendors to get as much information as possible on different features in order to make an informed decision. Most vendors offer free trial periods, which allows you to get a feel of the service before making any financial commitments.

Advantages of Online Faxing

Enhanced Security

Among other things, one of the key necessities of business is security. Faxing has always been considered a safe means of transmitting sensitive information, and the use of a secure online fax service and data encryption has made it even more protected. Unlike emails, online faxing isn’t prone to phishing attacks, thus cutting out unauthorized access or interception of documents during transmission.

Greater Accessibility

Online faxing allows you to send documents from a device without the need for heavy machines or paper. Subscribing to cloud storage can allow you to access your fax from any device, meaning you can still send, receive, or sign critical documents wherever you are. This is ideal because you’ll no longer be limited to working in the office and can more easily address urgent matters.

Improved Organization and File Management

With traditional faxing, physical documents tend to be stored in bulky filing systems. This system is tedious, and there are typically constraints like cluttered office space, storage expansion, and errors due to oversight. Not to mention, documents can easily get misplaced or destroyed in the process. Online faxing and the availability of cloud storage solve this problem easily. You can keep digital copies of your faxes in the cloud, using tools that make your filing extremely easy.

Send Messages and Files More Efficiently Via Online Faxing

Online faxing allows you to send multiple faxes at once and can reduce any mistakes. The file management system organizes the documents so that you spend less time sorting or searching for documents. Additionally, cloud access makes it easy to work from anywhere at your convenience, while transmission receipts ensure that you keep track of all faxes. There is also less time and money spent on fixing fax machines and routine maintenance.