If you struggle with keeping your list of verified sites up to date, then you’re not alone. In my experience, link-building campaigns have always presented one fundamental problem: many of the websites I found were usually not updated enough, or some lacked verification. This is a problem that I know others face in their efforts to keep their link lists up to date.

In my pursuit of finding the best way to find websites all around the internet that were updated and verified, I came up with a solution for all GSA SER users who share my difficulties.

Over time, I created custom software that runs on a private dedicated server and finds the updated and verified links. Without even putting in extra effort, I can see the sites and the links that I need automatically. 

If you can relate to my experiences, then you will benefit from my custom software. Here are some of the reasons you need to consider using custom software like SERPGROW link building.

Auto-Sync to Dropbox

One of the challenges that we wanted to eliminate was failing to have records of the links built over time. Using Dropbox, we have been able to create auto-syncing to ensure that the auto-approved site lists are created routinely, 24/7. 

This means that users can access real-time and up-to-date content to show the links that will be accessible. By signing up for a monthly subscription, you have the access you need to crucial links you can trust will be accessible and valid.

Includes EDU and GOV Sites

Unlike other custom software, this program ensures that educational and governmental websites are included in the link building. This helps to create even more links for your campaigns and can also make your list creation easier. 

Long gone are the days of manually writing out every single educational or governmental website that you found. Let Dropbox and the custom software take care of the challenges you used to face recording these verified sites.

Includes ReCAPTCHA v2 Sites

In the past, this has also been something that has been excluded from link list building software. There is a way to create a list that includes these links, including Google’s ReCAPTCHA v2 security protection. 

With more verified and updated links in your list, you can be sure that you can access all possible links that you can use for your marketing campaigns. We wanted to include as much as possible, which is why we didn’t stop at Google ReCAPTCHA sites but went further. 

Includes Proxies

With SERPGROW link building, there is the potential to have thousands of fresh and active proxies. These can be used during your link submission to help create a finalized and updated list. 

Unlike other software, the custom software takes this into account and assures that this is included for more efficient and streamlined link-building campaigns of yours. We wanted to find all possible links, even those that have not traditionally been part of your marketing lists before.

Exclusive Templates

To help you get started, there are even 3 GSA SER campaign templates included. This can help you on your path to collecting your links and creating substantial lists for your campaigns. As I found in the past, having templates can be incredibly simple and a way to save time and energy that you would have otherwise spent creating these templates to send. 

The goal is to help you consolidate your efforts, and at SERPGROW, we aim to make everything as efficient and automatic as possible to focus on the critical tasks. That’s why we created this software to help others like ourselves who wanted to have a clean and updated list at all times.

Strong OCR Captcha Software

SERPGROW link building was created using the powerful OCR captcha solving software. What this comprises is the GSA Captcha Breaker and the XEvil ReCAPTCHA V2 Module. These are some of the best software foundations found on the internet today for link building. 

Combining these, SERPGROW link building is truly one of the best programs out there to help you with your link-building activities. When compared to other software programs, ours is hard to beat!

Why Choose SERPGROW Link Building?

There are many reasons why you should choose SERPGROW to help with your link-building campaigns. One of the first reasons is the time that you save while trusting our custom software. With this particular link-building software, you can spend more time on other SEO tasks and less time worrying about building lists of links.

SERPGROW link building was created to help you automatically find active links and reduce the unimportant ones that are no longer verified or updated. This is an incredibly time-consuming task if you choose to do this yourself. If you want to save time and energy for valuable lessons, let SERPGROW do the work for you and download our unique lists that are constantly updating our customers.

We are different from other programs. Unlike others that might need to be activated manually, we can update and automatically sync to Dropbox. We make your life easier because we let the software do the work while focusing on the campaigns and the SEO optimizing practices. 

The Bottom Line

We understand what it is like to build a business and use SEO to reach your market. At SERPGROW, we not only offer you an already premade list that is continuously updated, but we also offer a range of SEO practices. 

We want to make your marketing efforts as easy as possible, and we are experts in the internet marketing game. If you are interested in having access to one of the most updated link lists available, please reach out to us on our website for more information.