Yes, physical phone books still do exist. But let’s face it, soon enough, these will die a natural death and go extinct. As more and more processes are getting automated, so also is the whole world getting more digital, even phone books. When was the last time that you even used one? You’re utilizing your smartphone’s contact list now more than ever. Then, when it comes to businesses, the internet is also your playground. As individuals strengthen their presence through their social media accounts, all the more that businesses should utilize online tools also to be more present.

One of these is Google My Business. With this, your business becomes easier to find on search engines. It’s like an online directory but only made even better. Apart from merely having basic information such as contact and location details, on Google My Business, you can post photos, ratings, and even comments about your business. You can also check out  Google my business reviews to see how effective this is.

Google My Business is free, so there isn’t any reason for you not to use it, and not to strive for GMB optimization. Then, you’ll also get to reap benefits like the following:

1. Helps Your Business Website Rank Better

This first benefit applies to you if you already have a business website up and running. If you do, don’t just stop there. Now, you’ve also got to work towards making your website reach higher rankings. By this, it means that whenever an Internet user searches on information pertaining to the kind of niche that your business belongs to, your website will make it on the top search results.

Google My Business is one of the most effective tools for your business listing to appear on local search results. Hence, among all other businesses, yours have to make it to the top so that it’ll be one of the first options that internet users will get to visit before they even get to your competition.

2. Enables You To Show Up On Google Maps

Another one of the advantages that you can gain by using Google My Business is that now, you can show up on Google Maps. Before consumers visit the brick and mortar store of an establishment, they’ll first run it through Google Maps. It’s here that they can locate businesses that are nearby their location. If your business falls under this category, you’ll want to ensure that you’ve got this strong online presence. Without which, you’re missing out on the opportunity of that particular customer visiting your establishment.

Through creating a Google My Business account, your store location will pop up in the local searches. This is an advantage for you, as it makes the entire Internet search population see how close you are to their present location. This increases the probability of these new potential customers to visit your store.

3. Enables You To Post Pertinent Information

All other benefits included, it’s also imperative not to forget to go back to basics. With a Google My Business listing, you’re able to post pertinent information about your business online. With all the necessary information about your business displayed in such a public space, you’re also improving your overall marketability.

Some Of The Necessary Information That You Can Now Highlight Are The Following:

Your phone number. With Google My Business, you’re not just posting your phone number per se. But, you’re also helping your business and even that of your followers to keep track of what is your latest phone number. Often, this can be the downfall of businesses when they forget that an old number no longer exists, or that they haven’t updated their customers about this change.

Customer interaction. Yes, customer interaction also falls as pertinent information, especially when you’re talking about the internet. In Google My Business, you can post feedback, suggestions, comments, and recommendations. Then, you can also respond to these. The presence of this information can help build your trust with potential new customers that may still be on the fence about the viability of your business.

Your contact information. The phone number of your business isn’t the only piece of contact information that you can now post online, unlike that of a physical directory. Here, you can also post your address, opening hours, and email address. The presence of this information can help improve your reachability with new audiences.

For you to make the most of your Google My Business account, it helps also that you have a very strong background about it. That way, you’ll know best how to optimize the information enumerated above, for the advantage of your business. Along that line, here’s a Google My Business guide that you can adopt.

4. Enables You To Learn More About Your Customers

Google is very information-driven. There’s no doubt about that. So, when you sign up for any of the tools that are available on Google, it’s expected that in return, you’ll also have access to so much more information than you initially thought you’d have. With Google My Business, you’ll also get to learn more about your customers through the analytics that it’s attached to.

For instance, Google My Business enables you to be present on Google Maps. So, this means that when a potential visitor is looking for directions to make it to your business, they’ll also use Google Maps to get around. From here, you’ll have information on where the request for direction is coming from. When collated periodically, you now have information about where your customers are generally coming from.

This information can come in handy when you’re trying to tweak or create more effective marketing campaigns that you know will reach those of your target audience.

5. Earns Your Trust With Customers

Before consumers visit a physical store, they will most likely browse through the Internet first for information about the business. That way, they know that they’re not going to a store that’ll only end up being a scam. Perhaps even that the company isn’t selling products that are worth it.

With Google My Business, you’re better able to earn the trust of your customers. Note that in the business cycle, this is one of the toughest challenges that you’ll ever have to face. But, this is solved through Google My Business through the fundamental fact that you’re able to prove that your business has a location.

Note that before you can post your location on Google My Business, this goes through a very rigorous verification process. Hence, when you’ve passed this test, it means that you’re reputable enough and trustworthy as a business organization.


These benefits are only a few of the many that your business can gain from optimizing Google My Business. All with a few clicks of your fingers, you’re able to increase and drastically strengthen your presence online. That’s a global network that businesses shouldn’t take for granted. When people use the Internet first to search for particular information, you’ve got to ensure that your business can be found. Google My Business does all of these for you.