Youtube is the most extensive platform for watching online videos from all over the world. Millions of videos on multiple and diverse niches are available for the viewers like you and me. Whether it is a song, movie, documentary, tutorial, self-improvement videos, guidance videos, fun videos and every kind of entertainment videos are available on just the click of a button. The problem with the platform is the downloading part and the conversion of audio formats. Because most of us want to listen to a specific video in audio and we need something like magic that will convert the particular videos in audio in a glimpse. This is actually a need of the hour, time is short, and we have to manage it, so watching those lengthy discussions, podcasts videos! We don’t have that time, so listening to audio in mp3 on our cellphones is the solution. To listen in audio, we have to convert the video files into audio files, and we need the software which is able to perform this job quite adequately. That top-notch software is FLVTO. To discover more about the platform read the content carefully.

FLVTO is easy to use

The software is very, and anyone can use it anytime without going through any hurdles. This platform can convert youtube videos into the mp3 version with just a click of a button. All you have to do is copy the URL address of the video playing on youtube, paste it into the URL section of FLVTO and press convert, Boom! Your mp3 file is ready in a matter of seconds. Was it ever easy to convert youtube videos into audio in seconds? No, it wasn’t, but it is now, thanks to The reason for the effectiveness of this software is it the clean and straightforward interface. All the controls are on one page, and you don’t have to go here and there to find the right controls to covert the file.

Downloading YouTube Videos with Ease

Converti youtube in mp3 is now a piece of cake with this software. No video restriction and stupid subscription charges, no interruption with advertisement picture and other hurdles, just smooth and sophisticated user experience. There is no limit on converting youtube videos into audio you can convert hundreds if you want. Want a bonus form FLVTO, and it is absolutely free! Means you won’t have to pay a dime to get such high-quality services.

Moreover, at FLVTO not just the YouTube videos but videos from Instagram, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and any other video platform. With FLVTO it can be converted into audio in a matter of seconds.

Downloading the complete Playlist

This is one of those features that separates FLVTO from other conversion software available in the online market. With FLVTO you can download the whole playlist of any youtube channel, for example, there are 180 songs on the list, and you want all of them converted into audio. What can you do? You can put the link into FLVTO and leave it to FLVTO. Your task will be completed in a matter of minutes.

The advanced feature is available in FLVTO, i.e. batch processing. Means, If you want to convert 3-5 video songs, then all you have to do is simply search them one by one, put them in the conversion bar in the flvto software and download them right away.

Convert video Without Any Quality Loss

In other websites, the quality is often compromised, but at FLVTO the quality of the audio remains at 100% with 0% loss so that you can enjoy high-quality sound with no any kind of interruptions.