Video is nothing new and we are all familiar with the benefits of video conferencing equipment when clients or suppliers are too far away for travel to be a cost effective option. But how many small businesses have woken up to the benefits of using video marketing to raise awareness of brand and drive more customers to their websites?


A few years ago, video production was way beyond the reach of a small business’s budget. Huge corporations could afford to hire film production crews and actors if they wanted to create a promotional video to post online, but the rest of us mere mortals had to make do with a shaky video camera and a willing assistant. Things are very different now. Production costs are far lower and thanks to readily available editing software packages such as Photoshop, anyone can produce a professional looking video for a relatively low cost.

Video is also very persuasive and this is something small businesses need to bear in mind when they are looking at new ways to attract customers, increase profits and grow their brand.

Customer Testimonials are Compelling

Genuine customer testimonials can be extremely compelling when used in the right way. Obviously nobody wants to watch some guy waxing lyrical about a steam cleaner for 45 minutes, but a short 20 second film clip extolling the virtues of your product will almost certainly do your reputation wonders. Use this type of video on your website.

Product Demonstration Videos

Product demos are ideal for posting on popular websites such as YouTube. People usually look online before they buy a new product, particularly if the product is of a technical nature and it is something they haven’t used before. A demonstration video illustrating how easy the product is to use as well as the many benefits it offers is a powerful marketing tool.

create-series-of-useful -How-To- videos

Content Marketing Videos – the Perfect ‘How To’

One way to really get your customers on side is to create a series of useful ‘How To’ videos and post them on your website. Businesses who put their customer’s needs first are always going to be more successful than those who are only interested in the bottom line. People don’t like to be bombarded with sales messages when they come to your website, but if you offer them helpful content, they are more likely to come back and buy something later.

Corporate Marketing Videos

A slickly produced corporate video acts as a brochure. Small businesses don’t have the same budgets, but with a decent video camera and some editing software, there is no reason why you can’t produce a good quality company video brochure. What content you include in your video is entirely up to you, but try and cover key points such as the company’s history, products, key personnel, and of course the company’s ethos.

Commercial Advertising Videos

People love to watch videos, even if there is a subliminal message embedded within. An entertaining and well-made advertising video can soon gain speed and in certain circumstances, even go viral. The better, more entertaining, or even controversial a video is, the more likelihood of it going viral when it is shared across multiple social media networks. Unfortunately, this is a tough one to get right, but if you do hit the Mother Lode, sit back and enjoy the ride.

This is just a small selection of the many ways in which video can really increase your brand and build your customer base. So before you dismiss video as being way too modern for your taste, think about how often you go online and spend time watching videos on popular websites such as Facebook, YouTube and Vimeo. I bet it’s far more often than you think.