Technology experts believe that the ongoing year, 2017 shall be an usher in the era of computing. With the time on progress, companies have learnt the benefits of centralized management system and have thus, moved to a model where many apps could be ran and data would be stored connecting to the servers of the network. These apps and data are meant to feature in a way, where it could be stored as well as moved to the cloud from the end user over servers accessed via the Internet.

A cloud platform is a basic requirement to avail cloud computing, on which various apps could be run. Microsoft Azure certification helps in the proficient building of applications and developing them with the cloud platform as a service, commonly termed as PaaS. The Azure cloud solution contributes in developing, packaging and deploying various powerful services and applications with just a click of a button. Once you have got your application deployed, Azure will handle the whole of the rest, right from provisioning to that of health monitoring as well as load balancing.

Here are a few reasons that ought to be considered using Microsoft Azure as your cloud computing platform:

Familiarity with Windows

Azure is typically based on the Windows. Hence, you can write applications by using programming languages and other tools that are usually accessed to work on the Windows applications. Thus, developers fetch a standard Azure environment to create the apps and work with them.

Scalability and flexibility

Azure helps users to create applications that are efficient to run reliably. They are also capable of scaling to around 10 million users. This does not even require any kind of additional coding. Thus, Azure Storage facilitates users to provide a secure, reliable, and scalable and performance efficient storage services across Cloud. It is somewhat like pay as you would grow since it comes with easy to alter features and settings. This would help a user to bring their own apps to the market as per the demands and the needs of the customers are specified.

Cost efficient pricing models

Cloud comes with amazing resources that will consequently assist you to minimise your costs for developing as well as expanding the on-premises resources. You can also choose to decrease your additional expenses over IT administration since you can manage the hardware off premises. Also, you need to pay only for your storage space as well as the cost processing time, while all the other expenses of testing, creating, debugging and distribution of the Web-based apps will gradually go down. So, the pricing will only be confined to the fee per hour and the per transaction services concerned with the size of the data.

Data Center in Cloud

Azure offers users or the organisations with all the facilities that would ensure working over an enterprise class data centre. This makes you work without any kind of a headache, hassle or cost of maintaining any such entity. This would help you fetch a higher reliability since you achieve redundant copies of your data along with the prospects of automatic failover. You do not need to worry anymore regarding backing up of the data.

Easy and supporting resources

Azure does not make things complicated. It rather works with familiar technologies and tools, similar to other Windows platform. Thus, you get a well-established support structure to work in this huge ecosystem. It also becomes easier for a user to turn to problems or questions that may arise at work.


Azure helps users to develop hybrid applications and thus, the cloud services could be used by the on-premises applications like the storage services or the cloud database. Azure provides open standard and internet protocols, thereby offering you an easily accessible user interface.


In regard to the context of moving to the cloud, security comes to be one of the biggest concerns of most of the companies and Microsoft has noted SAML and other provisions to integrate identities.

Cloud computing platform and solution is an open enterprise that moves faster as well as work faster with an utmost flexibility.

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