Let’s face it; we live in an age where technology has taken control of the way we live our lives. Fortunately, this has made for a lot of convenience for everyday folks as well as seniors who may need some assistance with living in their later years. Since mobile apps have made everyday resources more readily accessible, this poses an opportunity for helping seniors to live independently.

Digital Assistance

Nowadays, anyone can find an application for the most mundane purposes on their app store of choice. However, what may seem trivial to some of us may make a world of difference for someone else. Daily planners, pill reminders, and pantry organizers are all examples of real-world issues that many independent seniors face regularly.

Many of these simplistic issues can be addressed with a multitude of apps, some of which are specifically designed with a senior in mind. Consumers find use in apps like Netflix, Skype, or even mainstream personal assistant services like Amazon’s Alexa. Readily available home control and entertainment make it easier for seniors to live on their own with minimal assistance.

Aging in Place

With home automation apps being developed for smart home technologies more frequently, independence becomes more feasible for many mentally or physically disadvantaged seniors. Now that we can call a ride, dim lights, or start a video chat with just a few taps of a touch screen, seniors can now perform tasks that were much harder, if not impossible, 20 years ago.

Aside from mainstream services, home automation systems designed specifically for seniors make home management much easier. Registration for these systems usually entails a detailed medical history of the individual and an included home security system to make sure they are receiving the assistance they need with the utmost protection possible.

Since many seniors for whom these types of systems are developed, are physically limited, the extra surveillance can help expedite any assistance that they might need. Many home automation systems designed for seniors include around-the-clock access to a caregiver or emergency hotline. While these are vital functions, they are very basic regarding the capabilities of home automation assistance.

Modern technologies are making it easier for senior citizens to live on their own with minimal assistance from others. If any help is needed, though, most automation systems designed for seniors take this into consideration with added precautions to monitor the location and health of the individual. Not only does life become easier for them, but it also becomes easier for those looking after them.