If you are currently a student and in need of part time work, there are various avenues that you can go down to help you secure employment. Here are some reasons on why students should use temp agencies to find part time jobs.

Saving Time

One of the first benefits in using a temp agency for finding part time work is the amount of time you will save in the long run. Signing yourself up to a temp agency can instantly put you ahead of other candidates and help you secure the position you want.

Having a dedicated team behind you to help you find part time work will help save you the hassle of sending out numerous CVs and job applications. Also, having someone else putting in the ground work and putting you in touch with relevant vacancies will enable you to spend more time on studying as opposed to searching for jobs.

Fitting Work Around Studying

Once you are signed up with a temp agency, you will have a team who will help support and assist you with your requirements. It is important that you lay out exactly what you are looking for and what hours you are willing and able to work. As you will be looking for part time work, you will need to decide on what days you are available to work.

Studying can take up a lot of your time, so it is important to be realistic in what you are able to do. Finding a healthy balance between studying, working and having a social life are important factors you will need to consider. Always make sure that you can fit the job around your studying before applying as this will save you and the employee time.

Having Broad Exposure

Another great factor of being with a temp agency is the broad exposure you will have to prospective clients. When you sign up to a temp agency, you will need to provide your CV, a covering letter as well as relevant information about yourself that can help match you to suitable vacancies.

Temp agencies work with a wide range of employees so having as much exposure as possible will be incredibly beneficial in helping you find part time work as quickly as possible. Many employers’ first point of call when finding candidates for positions is through temp agencies, so being signed up and available for part time work can put you ahead of others.

Applying for the Right Jobs

For you to get the most out of a temp agency, you will need to clearly lay out what sort of roles you are looking for. There are plenty of part time positions available for students across a wide range of professions. You will need to factor in how you can manage a part time job around your studies as well as having the right qualifications for the role.

Many students decide to work in the hospitality industry which allows them to work at weekends and around their studies. You can even find waitressing jobs with Staff Heroes, an online temp agency that also has a downloadable app, that allows you to review the time limitations and pay for a job before you take it.  Having a temporary job app available on your mobile is a convenient way of being able to search for work when you are suddenly landed with unexpected expenses.

Temp agencies can be a very useful tool in helping you to find work as and when you need it. There are many other benefits such as being able to help you with job interview questions which can prepare you for when you finally graduate and are ready to apply for positions in your chosen career field.