Smartphones, tablets, laptops and other portable electronic devices have become extensions of most people in their daily lives. From checking email in the morning to keeping in touch with friends and co-workers throughout the day, and finally drifting off to sleep after scrolling through social media sites at night, it’s difficult to remember a time when people could function without their devices.

As people began spending more and more time online, businesses, advertisers and marketers began to shift and evolve their campaigns to tap into this new base of potential customers and clientele. Today, social media marketing is the most important and lucrative form of small business marketing for just about any service, product, brand or business you can think of.

Social Media Influencers Appear Everywhere

There’s a unique marketing profession that has risen within the realm of social media.It’s been discovered that people who have gathered a large audience on platforms like Instagram and YouTube have such influence over their viewers and followers that they’re able to influence the decisions they make, the products they purchase and even services they use in their daily life.

These people are called social media influencers and they appear everywhere in today’s social media universe. They’ve become such an integral part of social media marketing that brands and products will often compensate them with free items, services and money for their help in promoting.

Connecting with Customers

In social media marketing, the number one most important way to reach a customer is to connect with them on a personal level. People spend a large amount of time online and they crave understanding and human connection there to fill that gap in their real lives. Today’s leading brands have made it a point to understand the lifestyles, desires, likes and dislikes of their customers so that they can market to them by helping them feel personally connected to whatever it is they’re selling.

JJsHouse and VeryVoga are two excellent examples of brands who have become recognized worldwide due to their abilities to connect well with their customers. They know that they have to provide high-quality products to the busy, fashionable woman who wants to look her best for various special events and social occasions.

JJsHouseconnects with everyone from juniors to mothers. Their main focus is on weddings and proms. VeryVoga connects with fashionable women on-the-go who are looking for expertly designed clothing, accessories and shoes. Both sites emphasize a hassle-free shopping experience with easy return and exchange policies. They offer exactly what their customers need on easy-to-use, visually appealing platforms.

Pay Attention

Whether you’re starting your own brand, looking for a new way to advertise or are a savvy consumer who likes to stay well-informed, it’s important to pay attention to social media marketing. If you’re a marketer, understand how to connect with your ideal customer base. If you’re a consumer, understand which brands are in line with your values and desires. Since social media marketing is a relatively new form of marketing and advertisement, it’s evolving all the time. There’s still plenty of room for innovative opportunities for everyone.