Just like all other metropolitan cities in India, Chennai too is becoming very highly populated.  Due to high property prices in the city, people are now moving to the suburbs. Ke lambakka in one such area in Real Estate Chennai sector which is showing rapid development and is in huge demand at the moment.  It is a suburb located in the Kanchipuram district of Tamil Nadu in South Chennai. So why has it now become a real estate hotspot? Let’s find out.



Kelambakkam is situated on the famous Old Mahabalipuram Road (OMR) and in its location lays its greatest strength. Kelambakkam is at the intersection of the grand South Trunk Road (GST) and the East Coast Road (ECR) in the Old Mahabalipuram Road.nIt is alos the connecting point for Adyar and Mamallapuram. It also connects areas like Vandalur zoo, George Town, Tambaram, Tidel Park etc.

Additionally it is located five kilometers away from the airport, which is another reason why this area has huge demand.

The Old Mahabalipuram Road is being further widened into six lanes, which will be a further boon to this area.

This area is easily connected to the rest of Chennai via Busses and Autos.

Industrial Development

The IT companies have contributed to the development of a lot of cities in the country and Kelambakkam is no exception. This place is also known as the IT corridor. Three kilometers from this area is the SIPCOT IT Park. Employees naturally look for housing close by which helps them save on time, fatigue as well as travel expenses and this has benefited this area greatly.

Educational Hub


There are many government schools as well as private schools in this area. The Chennai Mathematical Institute is also located in the SIPCOT IT Park. It also has other various colleges like Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT). SSN School of Management and Computer Application and Anand Institute of Higher Technology are some of the popular colleges among many others situated here. The Chettinad Hospital and Research Center (CHRI) is a very famous hospital and medical school which attracts students not just from all over the country, but from abroad as well.

Social Infrastructure

There are many schools, hospitals and malls located in this area, which makes it a very self-sufficient place. BKM higher secondary school, Government Higher Secondary School and St Mary’s Matriculation school are some of the top school. A very famous hospital called Chettinad Hospital and Research Center (CHRI) is located in this area. Praveen Hospital on Velandor road is another prominent hospital in the area. This area also has temples, churches and other places of worship. The Valnadoor zoo is also close by which is a great place for kids on weekends.

Cheap Property Options

There is a spread of property options available in Kelambakkam. And the prices for these are reasonable. Residential plots to apartments can be purchased easily. The prices range from Rs 3,500 per sq ft to Rs 5000 per sq ft. A flat can be purchased easily for Rs 20lakhs, which is a great deal in today’s economy. Flats start from Rs 20lakhs and go up to Rs 70lakhs. Prices for residential plots around 1000 sq ft will be vary from Rs 20lakh to Rs 30lakh. Rental rates are also reasonable.  A 2bhk apartment can be got for a monthly rent of Rs 15,000 to Rs 20,000.

All these factors make Kelambakkam a really attractive housing option in the suburb of Chennai. Developers are cashing in on this demand and now many multi storey apartments are under constructions. From the recent fad, looks like this upward trend will only continue forward.