As an e-commerce owner, it is up to you to invest in offering your customers with the best customer services. That is the only way to retain clients and enhance loyalty. While there are numerous ways of doing so, working on your Magento components is among the best ways to improve customer services, help you save money and time.

How do you benefit from Magento 2 add column to customer grid?

It enhances easier shopping

Customers love it when you react to their orders fast as this shows them that you value and care about them. With the Magento columns, you can add the customers, products, billing, and shipping information. This, in return, enhances fast order processing and shipping. This gives the customers a good first impression about you, thus increased loyalty.

Enhances accuracy

Accuracy is of ultimate importance in businesses. You do not want to make mistakes that could lead you to losses. Also, inaccuracy will only push your customers away. For example, if you are not keen, you will ship the wrong items or send them incorrect invoices. This will make them lose trust in you, making customer retention a huge challenge. Luckily with the extended grind, you can add all the necessary columns to help you add the relevant details such as order details, name of the customer, phone number, contact information and thumbnails all on one page. This ensures that you are not making mistakes and also helps you save the time spent loading pages.

It allows you to filter products

You can use the grid to filter out products based on different aspects such as the size and weight of the order. This way, you can quickly know how much to charge for shipping particular products, and once a clients orders the item, the shipping fee will update directly depending on the size, weight, and distance. It is an excellent way of saving time and enhancing better customer services. What’s ore? You can sort out the products based on SKU and product name.

Insert different languages

One of the top benefits of owning e-commerce is that you can easily attract customers from all over the globe. The last thing you want is to have a language barrier as your top hindrance from making sales to a particular group of people. This ensures that nobody feels left out, which is an excellent way of attracting and keeping customers.

These are the top benefits to expect by adding the extended grid feature to your site. However, you should note that the process can be a bit complicated, especially if you know nothing or little about website designs. The best way to go about this is by letting in a professional do the designing for you rest assured you will get a compelling and professional order grid to help you improve your customer services and take your business to the next level. Take your time, search for experienced and skilled development expertise, and leave everything to them.