Understanding SEO is essential in helping businesses understand what users are looking for online, and coming up with high-quality and valuable content that fits within the search intent and the information demand. Understanding SEO is vital for businesses in that it makes content-making a less tedious process. Practicing good SEO allows for search engines to find, index, and understand website pages and content to rank them in the search engine results pages (SERPs). 

The importance of SEO cannot be downplayed, with some businesses hiring the services of experts in their locale, such as partnering with a Tampa seo expert.

Why SEO Remains Important In 2021

Offline and online businesses stay competitive, and this will continue as long as they exist. As these enterprises need consumers and clients, an SEO-driven digital marketing campaign remains to be an important business component.      

Millions of users worldwide continue to rely on search engines on a daily basis, looking for answers, solutions, or advice on specific issues they’re facing. Businesses that have digital presence, for instance, as well as those who own a website, an e-commerce store, a vlog, or an account in any social media platforms can benefit from good SEO practices.   

The cornerstone for a good SEO practice remains the same; making it about the user and the search intent. These are the reasons why SEO remains relevant to this day:   

  • Rank high in search engines

According to BrightEdge, about 76% percent of user experiences start with a search engine, with more than 70% of them more likely to visit the top five results shown in the first page, and only 0.78% clicking on the results from the second page. This means that in order to attract new clients, a business should engage in a fierce fight for inclusion in the first page of the results, and this can be achieved through sound SEO practices. SEO can help you get more traffic to your site and rank higher in search engines results page.

  • Increase web traffic

Online visibility is extremely important in the digital space, especially since users will likely be unaware of your existence once they come across your site or online page. If your business continues to rank poorly in search results, you’ll be missing out on so many opportunities for business growth. With SEO increasing your search rankings, you’ll gain more visitors and improve your reach to targeted users, increasing your chances of getting conversions and sales. These are just some of the main advantages of SEO.

  • Improve user experience

When SEO first came out, the focus was mainly on how businesses can get the top spot in the SERP. It eventually evolved its focus on the users, and rightly so. SEO is nothing without the user, hence, a site should be using SEO to enhance user experience and usability.

  • Customer retention

With almost everybody wanting to pinch pennies these days, businesses want to keep their existing customers and attract new ones by spending about five times the cost of retaining one. No matter the figures, SEO practice can help businesses retain customers by providing value to them.  More than just coming up with useful products and services, a business can use SEO to upload useful content that caters to a specific market. 

  • Improves and strengthens reputation

As your SEO scores get higher, so is your search engine results ranking. Aside from increasing visibility, a high-ranking website can raise users’ trust in your brand as they usually deem the recommendations of search engines reliable. 


Final Thoughts

SEO is one of the main drivers for business growth, and to be good at it, always focus on the users’ search intent. An optimized website helps businesses gain more site traffic, potentially translating to more sales. Good SEO practices should be paired with good content. While results don’t happen overnight, it offers a long-term impact, especially if done right.