The simple truth is that online catalogues are popular right now, and this is primarily because they yield great results for businesses who use them.

Basically, they really work! They work for small businesses that have yet to raise enough capital to open a physical store, for big retailers looking to improve the level of convenience their customers experience while shopping with them and, most importantly for customers these days who now frequently opt to know what’s on offer at any store, be it an online store or a physical store before making up their minds to secure purchases from any retailer.

The digital marketing and advertising of products and services commonly used to be referred to as the future of retail, however, we are now living in that future, and businesses are reaping a world of benefits. Here’s why!

  1. Endless Possibilities

In contrast to traditional print or in-store marketing opportunities, digital catalogues allow retailers the creativity and flexibility to design the most attractive visual material to advertise their offerings.

A worthy example of an appealing and engaging online catalogue is this Stater bros weekly ad that is attractive, bold and informative in its design. Taking it a step further, they have also brilliantly used it as an opportunity to incentivize and reward customer patronage. In this catalogue, they reward and incentivize customers with deals that help customers save 20% and more, when they make a purchase of Haagen-Daz Bars or a bottle of Jack Daniels, for example, from the digital deals section of their catalogue.  

This is just one good example of how to make good use of a digital catalogue by making it work for you and your customers. 

Using digital catalogues, retailers are also able to offer products that cut across a variety of tastes and preferences, this is in stark contrast to the considerations that physical stores have to make in offering only products that sell better in particular locations.

  1. Quicker and More Cost Effective

In comparison to traditional print catalogues, digital catalogues offer all sizes of business an immediate, direct and more cost-effective way to market their products. Retailers get to forgo concerns about the huge budgetary requirements to print and distribute enough catalogues that will end up only reaching about a quarter of the customers that could be reached if using digital catalogues.

Digital catalogues are also most beneficial to smaller to medium sized companies, allowing them to be competitive in a highly saturated and volatile market. Utilizing the opportunity to chiefly conduct their businesses online using digital catalogues and other e-commerce options enables them cut costs that brick-and-mortar stores frequently have to deal with on a monthly basis.  

  1. Beneficial Add-On Solutions

One of the biggest advantages for retailers that take their businesses digital is the availability of an array of other technological solutions that can be utilized in conjunction with the use of a digital catalogue.

Digital catalogues can be optimized to fulfil a myriad of solutions that improve customer experience, which is very likely to result in better sales. Catalogues can be optimized such that online orders can be placed through the digital catalogue page. Digital catalogues can also incorporate solutions that take advantage of customer shopping history and preferences to create a more personalized shopping experience to increase customer interest in brand and product offerings.

Other beneficial perks include solutions such as prompts or reminders informing customers of new products or ongoing sales, if digital catalogues are optimized to gather insights and request customer contact information such as email addresses.

  1. Customer Convenience

Yes, there is the convenience of never having to leave your home to make a purchase where a retailer’s digital catalogue is optimized to allow for online shopping. However, even when this is not the case, it makes a world of difference when customers can browse through a retailer’s product offerings using their digital catalogues. “Rapid search is one of the most significant advantages that online catalogues deliver for businesses”, says Intertrade.

Customers get to see if what they need is available, and furthermore, to discover other offerings that they might not have already been interested in. Prioritizing digital convenience in this way allows retailers to improve customer satisfaction, acquire a bigger customer base and in turn drive up sales.

Digital catalogues are a means to an end that provides retailers the opportunity to firstly, reach a broader audience, engage customers with their brand visibility, and then retain them as loyal paying customers.

Whether you refer to them as digital catalogues, e-catalogues or online catalogues, they are now truly the holy grail of marketing. It is in the numbers that consistently show retailers that not having an online presence, especially by taking advantage of digital catalogues, for example, is a massive loss in opportunity.