Online casinos are the future of casino gaming. It wasn’t long ago when people laughed at the idea of playing at an online casino, but times have changed and more people are moving towards online casinos than ever before. 

There are many benefits of playing at an online casino such as convenience, and some of the best deals and promotions. More people have become attracted to the online casinos because they offer more amazing deals and bonuses, and one the most popular bonuses that players get are the daily free spins. 

In the beginning, the basic concept of free spins was used to only lure players to open an account at the casinos, but it became so popular that this single feature came out as a major contributor towards the success of online casinos. 

Free spins are one of the most preferred online casino bonuses by the players when it comes to gambling. Even today, most of the online casinos use the daily free spins as a bait to lure new casino players. For those of you who are new to the online casino world and don’t know what exactly is the daily free spins casinos, let us explain.

What is free spins bonus?

Free Spins can be thought of as playing at an online casino game without having to pay for a game. When you start playing at some online casinos, as a new player, you may be awarded with 20, 30 or in some cases even up to 100 free spins that you can avail and play for free. As long as you have free spins, you are playing on the casino’s account and you can actually win real prizes.

In an online slot machine, you can spin the reels as long as you have spins in your account. Normally you would have to buy spins by depositing money through one of the banking methods, but daily free spins granted by the casino can help you play slots games for free.

As awesome as it sounds playing for free in an online casino, there is always a catch. Most of the casinos that award daily free spins do not allow you to play on all slots games, but specific ones. For example, there might be a casino that allows you to use their daily free spins only on a specific game. Others might give small rewards in case you actually win or cap your winnings.

The winnings of any slot game that you play with daily free spins or not, is a virtual reward and cashing it out doesn’t have to be that simple. Whenever you start playing at a new casino, it is strongly recommended that you should check the terms and conditions of that casino. The amount of cash that you can withdraw into your bank account depends on the terms and conditions of your casino. Most casinos also tie the free spins to a wagering requirement.

Regardless, the daily free spins are some of the best bonuses at any online casino, as it allows the players to try out and experiment with new slots games and enjoy their thrilling gameplay without having to pay.

Following are some of the daily free spins types that you would come across in online casinos.

Free Promotional Spins

As we discussed before, daily free spins are mainly used for promotional purposes at online casinos. These types of free spins are given by the casinos as a player retention promotion or a perk for being a returning customer.


Various casinos offer daily, weekly or monthly free spins to their players. In order to get the promotional free spins, the players either need to type in the bonus code that the casino offers, or simply login to the account opt-in the promotion and start playing the slot game. 

Most of the times, the casino will make this promotion available to depositing players. This means that players may benefit from this promotion only if they made a deposit at any time during the month. 

It must be noted that the Free Promotional Spins are focused on a specific game that the casino wants to promote, instead of offering a bunch of free spins for the players to use them on any game they want.

New Player Spins 

Another way to get free spins is when you sign up as a new player. The new players at most online casino get some of the best bonuses and rewards. In some cases, there are so many free spins awarded to the players that it becomes hard to believe, but there is a sad part to this. Most players sign up as new players, get hundreds of free spins as welcome bonuses, play for free and flee away without continuing with that casino. 

This not only causes damage to the online casino, but also results in a bad name for the players who are loyal. In order to cope with the situation, no deposit free spins are now tied to crazy wagering requirements or the players are required to deposit some money in to the casino account in order to get their welcome bonuses. The daily free spin casinos offer amazing bonuses to the new players for their first couple of deposits. For example, some casinos award bonuses on the first five deposit, which is quite amazing.

Tournament Free Spins

Tournaments are some of the most highlighting features of any online casino especially because they offer some of the best bonuses that include free spins, and several other cash rewards. 

When you participate at a tournament, winning the tournament will get you hundreds of free spins apart from the actual reward, however even if you don’t win, in some cases, the casino offers a handsome amount of free spins to the players. 

Daily free spins casinos

The number of online casinos is increasing every single day and we have hundreds, if not thousands of online casinos. Each one of them claims to offer the best deals and offers, but we know that it is too good to be true. 

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