Online reputation management (ORM) was always important, but in 2016 it’s expected to increase with new apps coming on to the scene that will increase transparency on the internet. We are social creatures and as much as we may protest these apps at first, word of mouth reputation is everything and apps that allow for personal testimonials and endorsements will become more common place. 


Search engine reputation management is an advanced emerging field where via reverse SEO services, individuals and brands are able to lower negative press on their gaffs and negative reviews in Google’s search rankings and auto-complete suggestions. While you will be able to moderate what is said about you on Peeple, negative PR is common and often embarrassing and can harm your professional and personal relationships.  

remove negative info from Google

Reputation management really comes into play when brands make huge news like the recent VW scandal. Individuals can also become unwittingly liable via the increase in hacking, as witnessed with the Ashley Madison hack. Ethical use of reverse SEO and services that remove negative info from Google are usually preferable to litigation, damage of relationships and the embarrassment of being talked about.

How can we forget the Hungarian journalist caught tripping refugees on camera. In fact every month, we hear about a tweet that had major repercussions professionally, spread bad publicity or had actual career damaging consequences. 

More commonly to the ordinary person, in an age of mobile cameras, to remove images from Google, becomes a mores pressing and urgent concern. We don’t always know where to turn or even if there is a solution to this problem. As the attention economy heats up in 2016 with more information on more channels, the importance of reputation management increases. One thing is sure, to remove search results on Google, is no laughing matter. In 2016, user generated content will continue to proliferate and this will mean more damage control by brands to ensure their ORM does not interfere with sales. For both high profile individuals and brands, informing yourself about search reputation management and reverse SEO, will become more important than ever.