Instagram is not only a great marketing tool for small and large businesses, but freelancers of all types can greatly benefit from the use of this amazing application. Not only do around 400 million people use this application, but also 75 million people are viewing and clicking likes on a daily basis. As a freelancer, you have probably already noticed that you have to take advantage of every opportunity available to gain money. It is entirely up to you to promote and advertise your services. This is why Instagram is the perfect tool for any freelancer. Below, you will learn more reasons as to why every freelancer needs to get some firsthand experience with Instagram.

Making People Aware Of Your Services

There are all kinds of different types of freelancers. You have freelance writers, freelance trainers, and so on. How are people going to hire you for a job, if they do not know what you specialize in? Instagram gives you a unique opportunity to display a bit of your talents, while making people aware of the services you offer. For instance, if you are a freelance trainer, you can post photos of your shredded body, or you can make home training videos to give your customers a taste of what they can get with your services.

Taking Advantage Of An Individual Account

One of the most truly unique things about Instagram is that they offer both business and individual accounts. While business accounts are great, they are often times written off and just passed up by a lot of users. The amazing thing about being is a freelancer is that you can sign up for an individual account and still advertise your services. Your brand will actually to be tied to your face and name. So, people are going to feel more trusting towards you than they would a large corporation, where the owner is hidden behind thousands of other employees.

The first step is to boost your Instagram growth, which may be a little difficult to accomplish, but still very possible.

Showing Off You Fun And Interactive Side

Your Instagram page does not always have to be all business related. In fact, people love fun jokes, posts, or videos. Any post that will make people laugh or put them in a good mood will most likely attract lots of followers. You would be surprised how followers you can attract just from a funny cat or dog video. By making these types of posts, you get to show people your other sides. This will make them look at you like an individual rather than a businessman trying to make money. These types of techniques will without a doubt increase your following and make your presence more known.

First Hand Interactions

One of the main reasons that people use social media applications, like Instagram is it gives them the ability to interact and communicate with other individuals. You could potentially have hundreds of different interactions with potential clients on Instagram in a single day. Maybe you have the opportunity to discuss the services that you offer with a potential client, or maybe you receive praises from one of your previous customers. These will lead to lucrative word of mouth referrals. Whatever the situation is, people love to interact on social media. This will also give them a chance to interact with you, while learning more about the services that you offer.

Acquiring Free Advice From Other Freelancers Or Business Communities

Whether you are a freelance writer or a freelance personal trainer, you will find like-minded individuals on Instagram. This gives you a unique opportunity to join and converse with people in the same industry you are in. You will be able to share and exchange insight and advice with each other.

In addition to this, there might even be opportunities for you to get involved in entrepreneurial or business communities. where you can consult with industrial experts in your field. If everything turns out well, it is likely that you can use the resources to help promote your own services.

Drawing Followers Back To Your Website

As a freelancer, you probably already have your own website that features your very own portfolio or blog. On Instagram, you can share content that links back to your website, which will only increase both your website and Instagram following.