Content writing is an art. Regardless of your area of expertise, be it sports betting, leisure, travel, or technology, affecting content can have a huge impact. It can make or break a company’s success determining if they reach the masses they intend to or go unnoticed.

As any business owner will confess, it doesn’t matter how good your product is, if no one knows about it you are doomed to failure. In the internet age word of mouth means nothing and traditional forms of advertising such as print, radio, and television no longer have the desired effect.

To get a better understanding of the work that goes into creating content we caught up with a content writer at SeoBrothers the SEO marketing business.

Content writers must adapt

A quality content writer can produce work on a wide range of subjects. Their editor might drop them a task relating to US law changes concerning online casino betting one day. The next morning could be the latest transfer news coming out of Manchester United.
It’s an ever-changing and rapidly evolving industry that is as demanding as it is exciting. If the writer is as talented as they should be, they will have no problems producing two engaging pieces of content ready to publish.

Of course, most content writers have their chosen areas of expertise and that’s where a strong editor will use the team wisely. The chief will know the best author for any task that comes across the desk and understands the importance of distributing it well.

The research begins immediately

When a content writer first receives an assignment in their email inbox, they will immediately set about researching. It doesn’t matter how much knowledge they think they have on a subject, a better understanding never hurt. When it comes to research the more the better.
Let’s use an example of a betting preview and prediction for an upcoming English Premier League football match. This is to go live following the launch of Serbian MightyTips. The writer will set aside time to catch up on the following…

– Form of both teams
– Betting odds
– Injury news
– Promotions available
– Recent manager and player interviews
– Head-to-head stats
– The recorded opinions of other trusted sources

When they feel they have done enough research into the subject they will begin writing their article. Their position may be listed as a content writer, but they will spend only a small amount of time writing. If it were a 60-minute task it would probably look something like this…

– Research = 25 mins
– Writing = 25 mins
– Editing = 5 mins
– Uploading = 5 mins

The more instruction the better

Having a clear and concise brief helps to speed up the process significantly. If your editor drops you a loose brief lacking proper instructions things get difficult. You then must try and second guess what type of article they are after, what the readers would find interesting and the amount of opinion that can be added.

Ideally, you want a brief that is strong, understandable with keywords and obvious instructions. This brings down the research time as you will be looking only for what’s important. It also allows you to structure your page better, understanding where to place the keywords and how to build the content around these words or phrases.

If you are lucky enough to receive such a brief it is then on you to stick to it. If it’s not an opinion or conversation piece you must make the effort to ensure you aren’t adding your views on the matter or pushing them on the reader. Doing that would result in the text being sent back to you to revise and edit. You could end up writing the entire article again and no one enjoys doing the same job twice for one payment.

Readers are in a rush

Content writing has changed in recent times too. The focus has shifted from newspapers to online and then to mobile. When writing online you must remember you are targeting a unique audience. They want you to get to the point and the author is expected to cut out all fluff and padding. People are in a rush and need their information now.

Mobile is similar but to work on an app or a mobile optimized website an article needs to consist of shorter sentences and blocks of content. Like before, it must be snappy, cutting through the backstory and providing a credible source of news or opinion in the shortest possible time. People don’t spend long periods reading text on the small screen of their handset.

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