The relationship between customers and a brand is no longer one-way like it used to be with billboards, press releases, and commercials. With global movements forcing everyone to digitalize, all your customers are now easily reached online. Because of this, digitalization enabled relationships between customers and brands to become a two-way relationship.

What Is Customer Engagement?

Customer engagement is all about your relationship and interactions with your customer with regards to your brand. There are many channels you can use to engage with your customers. This includes talking with them in the store, getting their feedback, emailing them, or providing an outlet to chat with them online.

With the birth of social media and artificial intelligence, it now becomes possible to engage with your customers without being physically there with them.

Why Is Customer Engagement Important?

Marketers often speak of or aim for customer delight, which is going beyond your customer’s expectations and getting a positive reaction. This is mainly because achieving customer delight usually leads to word-of-mouth, which is an effective way of promoting your business. Engagement with your customers often inspires that reaction online.

Here are some reasons why it’s important to engage with your audience and customers online.

1. Customer Loyalty

When you have a business or brand, you don’t want customers who simply visit and purchase just one time from you. Once you acquire customers, you would want them to stick with you as well. To ensure this, you need strategies in place. One of them is engaging with your customers online.

Engaging with customers will strengthen the emotional connection between you and the customer. By strengthening your connection, you will be able to retain more customers and grow your business. For instance, Starbucks even uses apps to engage with customers and retain customer loyalty with membership cards and weekly updates on the app.

Engaging with your customers will also make your customers feel more special, hence become more loyal to your brand. For example, as simple as an email with their name on it by using Streak CRM for Gmail will make your customers feel more connected to your brand.

2. Know Your Customer

The key to bringing more value to your customers is to know what they need and why they need it. Just like a regular relationship, the more you talk to someone, the more you get to anticipate their next move. In the same way, you can get to know your customers better if you engage with them more.

For instance, you can start setting up online chat channels so that you can ensure that your customer has someone to talk to if they have any concerns. When they bring up concerns, you will know what kinds of things work for them and which do not. Take these learnings for your next course of action.

Interactive content, such as surveys and quizzes, will also help you get a good grasp of how your customers perceive your company and other brands. You can ask anything on the surveys that you give out even simple insights on how your customer’s day goes just so you know where you can insert your brand within that routine.

3. Brand Recall

Brand recall refers to which your brand is being remembered by your customers. However, you cannot just expect your customers to automatically remember you. Instead, give them a little budge and remind them who you are.

To be agile in the market, you need to be on top of mind with your customers. And, engaging with your customers will make them remember your brand more. As psychology says, proximity is key. The more your customers recall your product, the more likely they will make a purchase from you.

4. Becoming Viral

Traditionally, word of mouth is the most powerful tool and the least expensive. Nowadays, word of mouth is not how it was anymore. What’s now more important is to become viral on the internet. A simple post or mention in their feeds is already a chance for your post or brand to become viral.

By engaging with your customers and posting valuable content on social media, people can share your posts with all their friends on the platform. On top of that, people can also review your products online, and sometimes, their posts even go viral. 

Hence, it is a different ball game nowadays. The more you engage with your customers online, the more they will give you praise when talking about your brand with their friends and family.

 5. Brand Exposure and Recognition

Having a website or social media account to engage with your customers will also increase your visibility and introduce yourself to people who do not know your brands.

Customer engagement is not just in the form of messages or emails. It is also your website and posts. This will be the first touchpoint for people who do not know anything about you. Your social media platforms will be the key to making your first impressions.

 6. Provide Bespoke Solutions

Managing a business will always have its rough edges. To minimize mistakes and complaints, communication is key through customer engagement. When you learn about their concerns, you can provide different solutions for the customers bespoke to their needs.

The more effective your solution is, the more your customers will trust your company for their needs. Thus, hire excellent customer service representatives to address the concerns of your customers. Nothing is worse than a customer that’s unsatisfied with your product as well as customer service. If you made a mistake with the product, make sure you get it right once you try engaging with your customers. Effective communication is key.


With the advent of technology and digitalization, garnering for eyeballs has been more difficult and challenging than ever. Traditional platforms can only go so far, but if you want to be at the forefront of your industry, you need to take advantage of technology and start engaging with your audience and customers online as well.