If we jot down the reasons that why the internet is essential today for everybody, this article would never end. Owing to space and time constraints, we shall focus on how the internet has become so essential for everybody today. It is an astonishing fact when we realize that most of our devices would not work if they are not connected to the internet for a couple of moments. From our smartphones to gadgets, appliances for daily use, to name a few. You have a question, a doubt or want to check the weather, you will Google it – this is how deeply embedded the internet is in our lives irrespective of our socio-economical background, education, interest, age, relationship status, and language. Internet is easily acknowledged as one of the basic commodities for almost everyone as long as they have a house, office and at least a smartphone. We shall discuss some essential reasons why and how the internet is so close to us, today, so let’s begin: 


Everyday Tasks, Queries, And Research.


This is what makes the internet a daily commodity for most of us, where we google stupid and silliest questions – from finding the correct spellings to a commonly used word to checking the average distance between one ear to the second one of a person. When it comes to research, it starts from something as insignificant as what time it is in Australia to something as crucial as finding a job, navigating a location when you are lost, checking the weather of the city you are planning to visit next week so you can prepare accordingly to checking the latest currency rates. 


Friends And Family. 


Stay in touch with friends and family living afar is and will be one of the biggest breakthroughs of the internet since its inception so far where voice and video calls are just a tap away. It was near to impossible for loved ones to see or visit each other if they were living at a distance. Even if we go a decade back when the internet was present and voice and video calls were available but with the access and availability which once was a luxury, now is a few clicks away and entirely depends on the time zones and the availability of both. Social media has surpassed the communication barrier on so many levels that once were non-existent with the people we could easily lose contact with. The good and the bad thing about social networking sites is that even if we are not in touch with all the hundreds and thousands of people in our lists, they are still accessible at any given time. 


Business And Marketing 


I think if anyone after family and friends is as thankful or perhaps more thankful for the internet for removing communication barriers and bringing everyone they would like to get close with would be the businesses and marketers. Why? Because they don’t have to spend millions to launch their brands nor do they have to invest in conventional marketing such as newspapers, billboards, flyers for reaching out to their potential clients. Having businesses online, and digital marketing made everything trackable and transparent on a greater level which benefited businesses and helped start-ups to survive and even make a mark in the world. Online businesses and freelancing opportunities are just common examples if we quote how the internet has affected business structures and altered business trends globally. Some telecom providers are also giving remarkable services with amazing deals such as Cox internet.


Social Movements 


#metoo #blacklivesmatter #equalrights #shoutyourabortion movements are just a few hashtags that actually stirred the online world’s debate, and eventually managed to create some noise in the real world too. Social movements started the debate and addressed the issues that were either stigma or something people were reluctant to talk about due to some ambiguous and some obvious reasons. The good news is, they actually made some difference if not legally but in some cases for forming opinions and calling a spade a spade whether it was for getting the same-gender marriage legalized or making a point that women are underpaid and are not recognized as equal professionals internationally. Human rights are something fundamental but social movements advocated and initiated some of the great social movements whether for women, countries at war, labor rights or student loans.

Final words: 

News and education are just by-products of everything you read above. Bringing convenience in almost every segment of our lives since the minute we open our eyes until the time we close – the internet is not just essential but incredibly well implanted in our lives now. Comfort is an indisputable fact, it has brought facilities which include commuting, shopping,  education, paying bills online, bank transactions, making and ordering food, traveling, selling anything, a few clicks away and ultimately saving a great deal of energy, fuel, and our times.