In years gone by, we lived in a world where technology was still on the back burner and the word ‘online’ was unheard of. That seems like many years ago, yet the Internet has only really been a mainstream technology for around a couple of decades. Most of us can’t imagine life without computers, social networking, and the Internet these days, and this includes businesses. Most businesses have come to rely on the internet in order to boost their success and enable them to compete on a global basis. Over the years, more and more have realised the importance of having an online presence and as such have created and launched corporate websites.


However, while businesses have come to realise the importance of having a standard website, many have still not come to grips with the fact that they also need to ensure that they have a responsive website these days. Over the past few years, mobile devices have become more and more popular, with many people now using tablets and smartphones in order to get online and browse websites. If your business doesn’t have a responsive website you could end up missing out on this fast-growing audience.

Top reasons to adapt your website for mobile devices

It has become increasingly important for all businesses to ensure that their websites are adapted for mobiles. You should also, of course, ensure that your desktop website is user friendly and of high quality too. If you have the skill and confidence you could even work on your sites yourself – you can get vouchers from sites such as VouchaCodes  that will enable you to get money off software to help you to do this. You can simply browse the stores at VouchaCodes UK and find the best money-off deals so that you can purchase appropriate software.


Some of the key reasons to adapt your website include:

  • To ensure that you do not miss out on a growing demographic – mobile device users
  • To increase traffic to your website
  • To build a solid reputation amongst both desktop and mobile users
  • To benefit from higher rankings from Google

Google’s latest changes

Earlier this year, search engine giant Google stated that it wanted all websites to be responsive so that they could be viewed and browsed easily on mobile devices. The company stated that websites that were adapted for use on mobile devices would be treated more favourable in terms of rankings, leaving those without responsive websites open to a massive drop. This is one of the many reasons why you need to make sure that your website is adapted for use with mobiles as soon as possible.

In addition to this, figures have shown that the use of mobile devices has rocketed already over the past few years. However, over the coming few years it is set to increase even more, which means that without a mobile-friendly site you could miss out on a huge potential audience.