In today’s digital age, many people spend most of the working day sitting at their computer or on their smartphone. While this brings many benefits and can make working more efficient, it can also have its drawbacks. Digital communication is helpful in some situations but you cannot beat face-to-face meetings which remain highly important in the world of business.

Building Relationships

The primary reason why face-to-face meetings remain so important is the fact that they can help to build relationships. Success in business comes from developing and maintaining strong relationships and this is much easier when you can shake someone by the hand, look them in the eye and have a real-life conversation. It can be hard to build rapport and make an impact through digital communication which is why face-to-face meetings are still important.

Clearly Communicating Objectives

It is much easier to communicate objectives and explain complex messages when you are sat across from someone as opposed to via email. When you are able to sit down with someone you can quickly and efficiently communicate and be sure that you are both on the same page. This is hard to do even with a phone call which is why many people prefer to have important business meetings in person.

Focus & Productivity

When you have a face-to-face meeting with somebody you are much more likely to be focused on what the other person is saying. This is because they are communicating directly with you so it would be rude to lose focus or multi-task which is often what happens when people are conversing via email, phone or another form of digital communication. 

How Technology Helps

It is important to note that technology certainly plays a great role in business and should be utilised to streamline communication and allow for remote working. It can sometimes be wasteful to have face-to-face meetings over small matters or easy-to-communicate updates but it should not replace in-person meetings. For complex or important message that need to be communicated, you need to have face-to-face meetings which could involve bringing in remote staff even if it means paying for transport, such as a train travelling to Haywards Heath if this is where you are based.

Technology can certainly play its role in helping communication in the workplace, but you can’t beat an old fashioned face-to-face meeting in certain situations. Face-to-face meetings can be more impactful and make it much easier to communicate and help to build and maintain relationships. The key to success is knowing when you can opt for digital communication and when a message is important enough that you need to hold a sit down meeting.