The world of eSports has started to pick up with more and more gamers joining the fray. There is a huge fan following behind these individuals and they are bringing in millions of dollars.

However, this does make one ask why this is not a fad that is going away. Why are eSports starting to take off as a legitimate industry? There are many reasons for this and it’s time to dive into them one by one to get a better gist of what makes eSports such a great business opportunity for people.

1) Quality of Gaming is Increasing

It starts with the games as that is the most important benefit of eSports. People like the games whether its Madden, 2K19, NHL 19, or something else. People want to play these games and they love the realism that is present in them. This means gamers are going to be enthralled by the idea of someone playing these games. In the past, this wouldn’t have been possible as people didn’t find the games to be as good or as refined for such a setting. However, modern sports games are as real as it gets and the attention to detail is only getting better with time.

2) It’s Fun

This is one of those reasons people are going to brush aside but sometimes it is as simple as this. The games are fun and people love watching professional gamers go up against each other when the stakes are high.

It’s all about seeing how two professionals play the game and how they look to do things while facing someone of the same ilk. What decisions do they make? Do they panic? This is sort of the same aspect that is seen with NBA, NFL, NHL, or MLB athletes. People want to see how they do in front of millions of people.

3) Easier to Access

The access is what makes it such a wonderful option for gamers and fans. People like the idea of being able to stream the tournaments online or follow various streamers that participate at these tournaments. You are never kept out of the loop and that is something younger audiences want. This is something other industries aren’t able to do as well, which is why eSports has found a home in the business world. It is only going to get stronger with more and more streaming services joining in on the fun to make a bit of money.

4) Streamers are Establishing Brands

Streamers are starting to build brands online with the help of Youtube and Twitch. They have fans that watch them play and it is obvious they are going to follow them at tournaments too. It’s similar to seeing an athlete through Instagram and then watching them play at the highest possible level. This is what professional gamers are starting to do and they are building a real fanbase. The same thing was done with the UFC and it has gone on and become such a powerful example of quality and marketing. The world of eSports is trending in the same direction.

5) Younger Crowd Leads to Long-Term Customers

Younger crowds are the main target audience and that is appealing to sponsors. They find it hard to put things in front of these audiences that are going to capture their attention. This is a group that is going to be spending money for decades and getting to them as early as possible is a healthy decision for the long-term. This is why so many businesses are putting up ads through the help of eSports and are willing to sponsor gamers if that is what they need to do. It is a good decision and the reason this is a lucrative industry that keeps on getting stronger.

6) Passionate Fans

Passion is something that is hard to quantify but it is there with eSports. The people that are playing and/or following these games will know what they are doing and will have played these games on their own consoles. This leads to a level of passion that is hard to develop in other industries with such ease.

Instead of building through marketing, the world of eSports already has most of the work done because of the games themselves. People love playing Madden or 2K19, which is why they want to join in on the fun as soon as they can.

7) Media Attention

There is a lot of media attention behind this industry and that is one of the reasons it continues to bring in new eyes. People like the idea of focusing on something that is heading in the right direction and this would have to be one of those industries.

The attention isn’t coming from business commentators but also business moguls that are looking to join in. They are all starting to talk about it, which is one of the first signs of a prosperous industry that is only going to get healthier.

8) Celebrity Endorsements and Investments

Many celebrities are putting their weight behind this industry whether it’s through running ads or owning pieces of the business that run these tournaments. With such heavy attention on the tournaments, it’s obvious the growth is going to be substantial. More and more gamers are starting to notice the value of being in one of these tournaments, which is why there is such a race to join in on the fun by celebrities. They all want to be a part of this new trend.

9) Great Money

In the end, gamers want to make money and do something they love. This is one of those industries that is built on the shoulders of gaming. It’s something gamers love doing and they don’t mind competitively focusing on it.

These are the reasons eSports will continue to get stronger as an industry and why it holds such value among the masses. With each passing day, this industry is getting to the point where it is only going to get better with time and that’s what it’s all about.