With 3.2 billion email accounts globally, any online business should definitely focus on email marketing as it can be a game-changer for their brand or business. With this in mind, I will be sharing with you the reasons why your business needs email automation and how services like eSputnik can help you make this automation process seamless.

What Is Email Marketing Automation And How eSputnik Can Help Your Business?

Contrary to popular belief, email automation marketing is a way through which businesses can build their relationship with their customers. Making this process automatic allows you to manage and use all the customer data that you have in your marketing campaign. If used correctly, email automation can significantly grow any online or offline business. 

Basically, there are 2 types of email automation campaigns i.e. simple or complex. A simple email marketing campaign is where you send out a few emails at fixed intervals in time with a link to your site or promotional event. 

Whereas, in a complex email campaign, you send out different promo codes and links and the follow-up emails will be decided on the basis of the response of your customer. 

Here, services like eSputnik can help you with marketing automation as you can effectively launch promotional campaigns via SMSs, emails, Viber, and push notifications on the web. With tons of built-in features and customization options, this is a perfect service for online stores and eCommerce businesses. 

With the help of their service, anyone can make their email automation campaign successful be it a simple or complex one. 

Why Your Business Needs Email Automation?

  • Nurture Your Customer Relations

One of the best ways through which any business can connect and grow its relationship with its customers is through emails. With email automation, you can send all the relevant and useful information to all clients. Making your emails relatable, is going to help you expand your reach as well as improver your chances of getting legit leads for your business. 

  • Personalized Communication

Secondly, with a robust email automation program along with a good CRM, you can easily personalize and make your email campaigns productive. This will make the emails that you send more natural and all the recipients are more like to respond to those emails making emails more personalized than social medial platforms.  

  • Expand Your Reach

As we all know, without paid promotions your account will have a limited reach on all the popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. However, this is not the case with emails. With email automation, you get complete control of the number of emails that you send, and all these emails will surely land into the inbox of your potential customer. 

Even if they don’t respond to those emails, you will still get brand recognition and there’s the possibility that they might connect with you first in case they need your product or service. 

Moreover, users also get the possibility to optimize their emails for mobile use as well. Connecting with your potential client will give you an edge over your competitors and also improves your click-through rate. 

  • Easy Segmentation And Targeting 

There are studies indication how segmentation of the emails that you send can drastically improve the click-through rates. By setting up multiple automated email marketing campaigns, businesses can send out highly targetted messages based on the data that they have. 

Here, all the leads can be segregated on basis of their location, age, interests, and gender, and the emails can be thereafter customized accordingly for better results.

At the end of your marketing campaign, you will be able to track all your results as well the performance of different campaigns that you launched making it easier for you to improve all your future campaigns. 

  • Streamline Your Sales

With email automation, it is also possible for you to make your sales funnel more efficient. It saves a lot of time for the sales team as they get time to work on other important aspects of the campaign as well as focus on the quality leads that they have.

Additionally, the option of tracking click-through rate and customer’s actions on your site can provide you with valuable data for your campaign. 

  • Affordable

By comparing the cost of sending business emails manually and making the process completely automatic, a business can save a lot of their money and time with email automation. With email automation, the sales and marketing team can save time by setting up automatic follow-ups with ease. 

  • Driver Traffic To Your Site

Lastly, by adding the URL to your site in your emails, you can invite your customers to visit your page which will help you boost your online traffic. Moreover, depending on the content and interface of your site there is always the possibility that the customer spends some time browsing your site. 


Without a doubt, email automation is a boon to all the online and offline industries. As a business owner, you should opt for it and improve the efficiency of your online business immediately.