With advanced technology, cyber-crimes has been on the rise. You will probably lose your data and files easily. But with Nordpass, you can secure your files and data with a NordLocker.

NordPass is a password manager that you can add on Chrome. It has been customized with a range of features that ensure that all your passwords are secure from hackers. It is so easy to use, you do not need to be an IT expert.

Why Do You Need A Password Manager?

Your passwords are the key to securing all your documents and files. Password keep your online sites secure, emails, your online banking account, social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter.

Many are the times when we use the same password for multiple sites since it is easy to remember; we tend to use a simple password and saving our password in an insecure way. All this leaves our password insecure and prone to be hacked.

When you use the same password for all of your sites, hackers can scan other of your accounts for the same login info and quickly find all your accounts and extracting important files and information.

Simple passwords are easy for hackers to make a guess. And, all they need is a list of all your account names to automate a script that login with the most common password.

Human is to error, we store our passwords insecurely, we login to every cyber and every computer at the workplace. Sometimes we write all our passwords on a sticky note with the idea that it will be easy for you to remember. If a hacker happens to see your password, definitely he will hack all your accounts. 

How Does NordPass Keep You Secure?

NordPass being the secure platform to store your passwords, it auto fill them into any online form. The good thing with NordPass is that you can have a different password for each account while remembering Nordpass password only. 

NordPass remembers all your passwords for you. It becomes hard to hack NordPass since it uses powerful XChaCha20. NordPass generates highly secure passwords for your account and stores them for you. 

It has been customized in a way that it uses Zero-Knowledge encryption, this means that no one can see your password since you own the key to your passwords.

How Can You Add NordPass To Chrome?

It is so easy to add NordPass to your chrome. Follow these simple steps to get started: 

Add Extension

Nordpass has made it easy to manage your logins easily with the chrome password manager extension. Add NordPass to your chrome, move your mouse and add Extension. 

Click On Add To Chrome Button.

The next step that you have to follow is to click Add to Chrome when you are redirected.

Add NordPass Password Manager & Digital Vault?

A pop up will appear asking you to “Add NordPass password manager & Digital vault?” At the bottom, you will have to click Add extension.

There you go a NordPass icon will appear next to your browser search bar. And you can safely store your password and generate a key code for NordPass.