When you start your journey online, your business is assigned a shared IP (Internet Protocol) address with plenty of other domains running on the same server. The only downside to this is that if several websites in one account violate Google’s guidelines and get their links removed, Google will flag this shared IP and may even stop indexing specific web pages or directories on that IP address. When this happens to your site, not only do you lose ranking positions for those topics but also any new content you create.

For this reason, many webmasters choose to purchase a dedicated IP address of their own. A dedicated IP, also known as static or fixed IP ensures you are not sharing resources with other websites, giving your business complete autonomy over how it represents itself on the web.

In this article, we will discuss different reasons why every business should have a dedicated IP address.

Reason # 1: Increased Security

One of the biggest benefits of having a static IP address is increased security. If you have a website that takes payments or needs customers’ personal information, you need to install an SSL certificate. And to get that security certificate, you must have a dedicated IP.

With an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate, you can be sure that your customer’s information is safe with data encryption. A website that has this feature shows up as HTTPS and includes a distinctive lock symbol on its side for easy recognition.

However, with a shared IP, website owners can still install SSL certificates using SNI (Server Name Identification) technology. But, SNI has compatibility issues. So, a warning message will be displayed to customers when they try to access your website with an incompatible browser in place.

Although not many people are still using older browser versions, dedicated IP addresses can help eliminate compatibility issues and the possibility of bugs due to older browser software. A dedicated IP address will aid in installing advanced SSL certificates, which will take security up a notch.    

Moreover, an SSL certificate can help your site rank better. 

Reason # 2: Increased Credibility and Trustworthiness

Having a dedicated IP address shows potential customers that you are a legitimate business with serious intentions. It also helps to build trust and credibility because it means you have complete control over your server space, so there is no risk of other sites sharing that space and potentially exposing their customers’ information to hackers or other malicious third parties.

As you are running an online business, you have to keep your focus on protecting your business and its reputation. You may get blacklisted because you share an IP with somebody involved in scamming. With a static IP, though, you never need to worry about external factors shutting down your website or impacting the community of people you have built up around it.

Reason # 3: Improved Website Performance

A fixed IP can also help improve the performance of your website. Here, site performance means the time it takes to load and display onto the browser of the user. The quicker a page downloads, the better the user experience will be. Good website performance leads to more traffic and high conversion rates— it is an important factor in defining how people perceive your business online.     

When using a shared IP address, the web server must first determine which domain is being requested before showing it to the user. This may increase the loading time. Also, shared hosting means your site shares an IP address with many other websites – when one is traffic-heavy, it can negatively impact your site’s performance.

If you have a slow website and your competitors don’t, you are going to lose customers. This is because many internet users will leave a website that takes too long to load. In fact, 70% of consumers are more likely to leave a website with a poor user experience. It is vital to understand that your visitor has one primary job to accomplish: to buy your product or service. So, a dedicated IP comes in handy to prevent unnecessary delays and give users the ultimate shopping experience.    

Reason # 4: Better Email Delivery Rates

Another reason why having a dedicated IP is important for any business is email deliverability rates. With shared hosting, there is no way to know what other sites are being hosted on the same server as yours. This means that if one of those sites sends out spam emails or gets blacklisted by an ISP (internet service provider), all mail going through this IP address will be blocked. In this way, your email won’t reach successfully in the inbox of its intended recipient.

That’s why a dedicated IP address is necessary. It will counter this problem and help you reach your target audience successfully. Also, it allows you to send more emails at one time. But, keep in mind that even if you own a static IP, it doesn’t mean that you can send bulk emails at once. Start with a smaller number and then gradually increase the frequency.

Reason # 5: Customized Settings and Features

Last but not least, one of the best things about having a dedicated IP address is that you have complete control over its settings and features. This means you can customize everything from the server’s operating system to its hardware, which is especially useful if you need something specific for your business or application.


This article has highlighted six reasons why a dedicated IP is so important for your business. From increased security to improved website performance and email delivery rates, there are many benefits of having one. But it is not just about the perks! A dedicated IP can help you feel more confident in your online presence by increasing credibility and trustworthiness.