The 2021 global games market generated revenues of over $170 billion and is expected to exceed $200 billion by the end of 2023. The largest sector in this burgeoning market is mobile gaming, which is responsible for more than half of that figure.

Ease of access, improving technology, a smooth user interface, game choice and the latest games, are all factors in mobile gaming’s seemingly unstoppable rise. 

The Growth of Esports

Competitive video gaming tournaments (esports), complete with professional leagues, sponsors and huge viewing figures, our changing our relationship with gaming. It has broadened the appeal of video gaming and broken-down cultural barriers.

Its growth was even acknowledged by the International Olympic Committee, who have admitted that esports could be considered as a potential Olympic sport of the future. Claiming gamer’s dedication and training for events is comparable with athletes in more traditional sports.

Why is Online Gaming so Popular?

Sense of Community

An old-fashioned perception of gaming is that it is an anti-social past time played by teenagers in their bedrooms. The reality could not be more different.

Games such as ‘Animal Crossing’ and ‘Fortnite’ are hugely popular thanks to the social aspect of the games. Providing players with an online community where they can chat and play with friends and family.

Online bingo is another game with a huge social element, with bingo providers adding chat rooms to their bingo games to allow players to chat with each other. People were concerned at the lack of socialising when bingo transitioned online, however the game has become hugely social and people have created communities in the chat rooms and on social media platforms. In all bingo rooms – winkbingo, for example, bingo players are encouraged to participate in the chat rooms by engaging in mini games and having the chance to win free credits or some of the best promotions to redeem against future games.

Far from being an isolating activity, online gaming promotes teamwork, interaction and social contact, and enhances players social skills.

Gaming helps create a community, with other players connecting over their passion for a game and/or games.

Visual Appeal

Technology has taken modern games to a whole new level. The latest graphics and sound effects provide immersive gameplay that keeps gamers coming back for more.

Football games such as FIFA provide ultra-realistic experiences for players, while casino games mimic the sights and sounds of a real-life casino.

Online bingo also has modes where players can select for their numbers to be automatically marked off rather than playing manually.

Game Variety

The huge choice of games and genres available means that no matter what game you like playing, you can be sure it exists. Single-person shooters, casino games, strategy, sports, and world-building, there’s no end to the variety of options available.

The Challenge

Games are not designed to be easy, or they would be boring. Players need the challenge to encourage them to keep trying and coming back for more.

Whether it’s winning a game of football, solving a puzzle, or unlocking a new level, a challenging game provides players with a huge sense of achievement. Fortnite keeps players hooked despite the fact there is only ever one winner in every game.

The benefits of a truly challenging game include improved resilience and problem-solving skills, and of course, a huge sense of achievement when you succeed. 

Safe Place to Fail

Challenging video games mean that players will inevitably fail. Nobody wins the first time every time, it’s simply impossible. 

If you are defeated while fighting the demon, you simply start another game and try again. If you fail to win the race, just get back on the grid and try again.

Learning how to fail is an important life skill that gamers quickly learn. You can either fail and give up, or you can learn from your mistakes and do it better next time.


Understanding failure and not being afraid of it better allows gamers to take risks. All games involve risk because without it there is no jeopardy, no excitement, and ultimately no route to victory.

Gamers must decide how much risk they are willing to take in order to win. In Fortnite for example, do you hide and hope for the best, or do you risk getting shot and go out all guns blazing?

Life is full of risks, and we are constantly evaluating situations and making judgments.  Therefore, learning to accept risk and manage it successfully is a great life skill too. 


Everyone has their ways of relaxing after a hard day at work. Maybe it’s watching TV, reading, or heading to the gym.

However, for many people, online gaming is a great way to kick back and relax, providing a safe space to forget about the world for a while. Want to visit alien planets, save the world, race around Monaco in a Formula One car? Go right ahead.

Gaming helps many escapes from their everyday lives and some people use playing games as a way of relaxing.


Life can be boring at times, that is why playing games can be so much fun. Video games are full of excitement and danger, and the best ones keep you on the edge of your seat.

It might be fighting a legion of Zombies, being on a secret undercover mission, or racing around a racetrack. Games allow players to experience things they could never dream of in real life.

Adrenaline-fuelled games also help players learn skills such as performing under pressure and making split-second decisions.

Games are Fun

If you have not realized by now, games are great fun to play. That is why players keep coming back for more and the industry continues to grow.

Top titles can cost more than Hollywood movies to make and have incredible production values. They are designed to entertain and enthrall, to make us laugh and cry, and maybe even win some money.