Dead by Daylight is an asymmetrical multiplayer horror video game published in 2016, developed by Behavior Digital, a subsidiary of Behavior Interactive. In each mode of Dead by Daylight there are two sides; the Killer and the Survivor. The grotesque killer wants to slaughter the four members of the survivor team before they can run away or achieve their objectives. The gameplay is unpredictable and intricate as two modes happen simultaneously. For survivor team it is a secretive mission and teamwork. At beginning of each match the survivor team must uncover and turn on five of the seven arbitrarily distributed power generator.

There are many distinctive distinctions between the survivor and killer. Most killer characters move faster than survivors, so they can plan a weathered chase strategy. The survivors can use obstacles to create some distance between the two. The killer is less lithe and needs some time to swing his weapon. To make a lethal blow the killer must hit someone twice, so the chase can become stretched exercise. The other members use the valuable time to make significant progress. Veteran players can use this delayed, ambush strategy to end the game within half an hour. 

Dead by Daylight encourages comradeship. When a survivor is struck by the killer he needs time to heal, but if he does not possess a medical kit, his endurance depends on other team members.  The killer despite the wooden pallet and kiting around stagnant props manages to hit a survivor he needs to carry them to hook, if perched for a minute they die. In the mean time other members can unfasten them, re-hooking reduce the death time and third attempt kills them immediately.

 The gameplay is heavily tilted to one side, to the survivors. As the game is asymmetrical one side comprise of several members, supposedly underpowered thus need collaboration to succeed. The other side is a single member unit, though outnumbered supposed to be stronger in one to one combat. Even the survivor fights as a team the killer still have an edge. 

Concisely, the survivors are theoretically fright the killer, but the ground reality is not so. Instead the killer is impaired by multiple factors. One of the primary objectives of survivors are to seek and active generators. This assignment could be completed quickly if done optimally, and if done with dead by daylight hacks the job is a child’s play. Even worse, if the killer faces the “Survivor with Friends”, he is a seating duck. The crux of the problem is in a perfect play the survivors can linger the chase indefinitely.  The other two hindering factors are bad maps layout and conspicuous exploits.

As discussed above the gameplay is heavily inclined to one side, the biasness is due to game`s lifespan, several poise issues and exploits which are never rectified. The most observable exploit is looping, categorized in two; infinite and pallet looping. Infinite looping was a major issue during initial days of the game caused by ill defined maps. Survivors could and still continues to smash killer`s vault winnows than him, as there are three windows in most maps and windows. The killer is always inherently outnumbered by survivors, as he cannot reach all points at the same time. Only way to redress the issue is if the killer plays the role of a trapper. If the killer places camouflaged traps at vulnerable windows and expects the survivor team members fall prey to the ambush. This exploiting issue was rectified in later versions with introduction of blockers that safeguards windows. If a survivor jumps in more than two times in a row, the blockers get activated. Unfortunately pallet looping still exists, though not as terrible as infinite looping but drains out the killer`s power and stamina. 

The gameplay is terrible both the sides can turn the match into stalemate in numerous ways. One of them is “Hatch Stand Off”, this situation arises when two survivors are alive regardless existence of other members, a hatch manifest in the plot. When a survivor team member holds a key, he can unlock the hatch and escape with comrades. But this situation comes with lots of dilemma and flaw.

 This situation is quite frequent in high rank, the lone survivor and the killer both standstill before the edge of the hatch refusing to move a muscle. The first move could be deathtrap, either the survivor escape through the hole, or killer seizes the man when he tries to flee. But in latest version the killer is unable to clutch the survivor when he leaps into the hole.

In spite of numerous patches the game is conundrum with multiple glitches and bugs, some are irritable some devastating. There are some locations in maps where the killer cannot reach out , even if he knows survivors are there. The game runs on Unreal Engine 4, but it seems like a low budget movie with poor visuals, sound effects, and rigid animations. In a nutshell the game appears coarse and fragmentary.