Blockchain technology is no longer a speculative market and has become part of the global economy. While it emerged as a peripheral model, it has now gradually moved to the center of finance.

The exchange of cryptocurrencies has been legalized in several countries and some institutions are seeking to incorporate them into their services, which augurs well for the future of these assets.

Economic News

A few years ago cryptocurrencies were only used for trading and the acquisition of specific goods and services. Today, more and more sectors of commerce are joining this type of transactions. The multiple tools and resources that have been created around them have enabled economic growth.

Cryptocurrencies have the potential to facilitate trading relationships through reliable and instantaneous systems. Easily accessible programs and applications have promoted exchange.

Today there are a myriad of cryptocurrency exchange tools and platforms with a lot of security, credibility and feasibility. Among them we mention Changelly as an infallible option. You will be able to buy Bitcoin with a credit card and make many other transactions in digital currency.

The blockchain and platforms like Changelly have favored the development of a whole business fabric around e-commerce and online stores. Many people found a way to grow financially with cryptocurrencies.

Individuals with disadvantaged economies have found relief from the crisis by safeguarding their money in cryptoassets. A curious fact is that about one third of the world’s population is unbanked.

One of these forgotten places is the Serranía Celtibérica in Spain, where 17,000 bank branches have been closed. In view of this scenario, cryptocurrencies function as an ideal alternative. Anyone with a device and internet can move their funds without any restrictions.

Major Advances In Cryptocurrencies

Among the great advances of cryptocurrencies in the world, we mention. Some of their achievements.

Mining from home: Compass Mining released a system designed to mine Bitcoin from home. The technology has been formulated for a retail audience wishing to earn passive profits. The service includes installation and connection to the F2Pool mining pool.

NFT Games: since Axie Infinity this kind of Non Fungible Token games has increased investments with the Play to earn model. It has become a new profession according to CoinTelegraph. The most promising ones are Revv Racing, Mir4, Ember Sword and Star Atlas.

Layer 2 technologies: this is software created to work on the underlying system of cryptocurrencies: the blockchain. For this reason, they are called layer 2. What this technology seeks is to optimize the blockchain by establishing improvements. It solves scalability problems, creates frameworks to add tools and fine-tune smart contracts.

Mobile payments: one of the challenges on the table is to provide a mobile app for instant payments. Buying cryptocurrencies and acquiring goods with them has become a necessity. Therefore, mobile platforms such as Criptan are moving away from trading to offer this facility.

Cryptocurrency Projections

The future of cryptocurrencies is encouraging. Most professionals are inclined to augur favorable projections in all respects. As expected, Bitcoin is one of the assets with the greatest potential.

Javier Pastor, commercial director of Bit2me, affirms that the BTC can be revalued up to 100,000 dollars by the end of 2021. He also assures that this trend not only awaits Bitcoin, but cryptocurrencies, in general, will change the known economic paradigm.

Other voices attach more importance to projects that are based on digital assets. These are in the background of many initiatives that have come to light recently. One should not lose sight of the proposals for decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO), Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT), the Metaverse and earn-to-play games.

That is where a new general description of cryptocurrency is brewing and draws a new economic horizon at a global level. What will set the tone in the future will be the reflection on blockchain and the creation of new possibilities. This is a test that could have good results in the medium term.

Cryptocurrency is usually associated with the world of trading, but the current situation has shown that there is a sea of possibilities. Some remain unexplored, and others are in the form of projects and need to be followed closely.

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