Many people are wondering why cricket is considered a true national asset in India. Some are surprised by this fact, some are looking for weighty reasons for the popularity and prevalence in this. If you dig deeper into history, you can see that cricket has become an adored sport among Indian residents for a relatively long time. Modern trends support this movement in culture and sports.

Let’s start with the fact that India and sports are things that go together at a high level. In this country, they play different games every day, maintaining their physical shape and the fact that Indians highly value the cult of sports in the state and are proud of it. If it is impossible to go in for sports for some reason, then Indian enthusiasts will definitely watch games on the street or watching sports events on gadgets monitors. Among the main revered sports in India are football, basketball, tennis, horse racing, hockey, golf, kabaddi, baseball and table tennis. But there is one sport that is definitely worth highlighting among the rest, because it is orders of magnitude ahead of its so-called competitors in this impromptu race in development. It’s cricket! A game that has become not only a popular entertainment for the broad masses, but also a national sport, supported in all possible connected areas.

Cricket is the most popular sport in India. Its prevalence is visible in terms of statistics. If you ask Indians what kind of sport is the best in their country, then exactly three quarters of the respondents will answer unequivocally – this is cricket! Adults and children, men and women, the elderly and young men – all are addicted to cricket. On this issue, there are no divisions even between faiths and castes in India. In addition, the national team is the pride of all residents of the country. Cricketers are equated with national heroes and idols. It is not for nothing that cricket is now in the leading place in popularity among other sports in India. Let’s look further at the rest of the compelling reasons for confirming this known fact.

Cricket availability and simple rules of the game

If you define cricket as a sport by its difficulty rating, then it will take place somewhere in the middle of the list. But for Indians, cricket is a very simple sport! This is understandable, because from an early age everyone who wants to know what it is familiar with it. Cricket can be enjoyed and absorbed by all people, regardless of their status and religion, authority and age. Even in not very prosperous areas of settlements, you can see boys playing this game right on the streets. They do this for a reason, dreaming of being like idols in the future.

Cricket is available and the rules are clear to Indians. Several players are always involved in the game. Amateurs and common residents can play at least two, distributing the roles of batsman and bowler. This is how the path of a professional athlete begins and it is not worth being ashamed of. Getting some experience is good. Finding a suitable cricket ground is key, although even limited space is acceptable. Playing in busy streets or crowded corners is a familiar thing in India where anyone can join the game or just watch others play it. This is how cricket is formed as a super popular national sports game.

Decent infrastructure for playing cricket

We already know that the minimum requirements for playing cricket can be met even in places that are not so equipped for such entertainment at first glance. Cricket is everywhere and you can play it anywhere, the main desire and aspiration of enthusiasts. In India, these factors are enough.

But for the professional growth of future and current athletes, many cricket training centers are equipped throughout the country. There, children, juniors, amateurs can train without obstacles. This means that absolutely all people can become cricket stars. It doesn’t matter where and when you were born, because being a professional cricketer at the level of India or the whole world is possible and there are conditions for it. The experience of coaches certainly plays a big role in the development of capabilities and requirements for oneself. It is also worth mentioning here the correct tactical skills for the future growth of young athletes, which they receive in training.

Becoming a pro is the goal of many cricket fans. After all, everyone knows that professional cricketers are a whole profession and religion that ordinary people aspire to. Technical components, strong colleagues and a team spirit are all inherent in professional team training under the guidance of experienced professionals. The training under these conditions is favorable, which makes Indian athletes strong bowlers and powerful batsmen. Almost every state in India has cricket stadiums where professionals hone their skills and host IPL matches. In general, we can say that everything is in order with the infrastructure in India. This helps to promote and expand cricket in India at a sufficient level to declare that the Indian Premier League is the best competition, and the national team is the thunderstorm of authority on the world stage.

Indians’ physical fitness for playing cricket

In terms of appearance and fitness, Indians are definitely different from other people. And this question is not about racism or other bad things, because everyone knows how much Indian people have characteristics due to the area where they live. The main parameters of height and weight are usually average. By such criteria, it is easy to determine which sports people in India are more inclined and capable of.

Football and hockey, tennis and basketball are suitable for people in India, but not for everyone. These sports are popular with local fans, but few can play. Hockey requires a lot of physical strength, usually tall athletes play basketball. The height and physical characteristics of Indians cannot make people athletes in these sports at a high level, because only a few achieve success in tennis or basketball. In the majority of the population of India there are certain characteristics inherent in genetics. These aspects, as well as Indian traditions, made the locals the best suited to cricket. In this case, the Indians have enough strength, physical fitness and sports intelligence with regards to tactical skills to play cricket at the amateur level and professional competitions such as the IPL and the World Cup. Cricket is an ideal sport for Indians, which determines its high popularity and demand.

Contactlessness of this sport

An amazing reason, but how relevant it seems right now during the coronavirus pandemic. Cricket does not require direct physical contact between people and any kind of contact during the game itself and in fact it attracts many Indians. This is the advantage of cricket over the example of football, hockey and basketball. Cricket does not involve physical interaction between players during a match. There is no need to show methods of struggle and the desire to squeeze out the opponent. Indians love when this is how sport number one looks. They deliberately go to play cricket because it’s cool and not dangerous.

Idols in the world of cricket

Cricket idols play a decisive role when young people are still considering whether to consider cricket as a chance for a professional career as an athlete capable of achieving unprecedented success. Indians have always been inspired by world-class cricketers from India. These facts serve as a charge of motivation for fans and future athletes. India and cricket have a strong bond. Therefore, any enthusiast can become a world cricket star at any time. The main thing in this case is the determination to defend the flag of India as the current players of the national team do.

Among the famous cricketers, there are some very powerful personalities. For example, Sachin Tendulkar is known in India and the world not just as one of the best, but as the God of cricket! He started playing cricket at the age of 16 and immediately began competing in international competitions with the Indian national team. The career of the God of Cricket has spanned over two decades and it’s overwhelming. It is not for nothing that Tendulkar was awarded the highest award Bharat Ratna, which only the best representatives of the Indian nation receive.

Among other idols, Sunil Gavaskar can be distinguished as one of the best players opposing fast bowlers. Yuvraj Singh was a notorious all-rounder and devastating batsman. At one time extravaganza he was awarded by the decree of the Government of India. Saurav Ganguly – Dada of the Indian cricket world. In turn, Virat Kohli attracts attention with his quick strike technique. He is the fastest batsman in the history of Indian cricket, and still impresses fans with his divine performance.

High IPL status and profitability

India became the T20 world champions and this prompted the unprecedented success of cricket and its rise in popularity. The Indian Premier League was founded on this wave of proliferation and high viewership. It happened in 2008 and during this time the IPL has become the most popular league in the world. Indians enjoy watching IPL events. This process has already crossed the border, drawing attention to competition abroad. The IPL helped cricket develop more vigorously and penetrate even the smaller states.

The Indian Premier League is becoming more and more popular every year and season. Of course, this question also applies to the profitability of the IPL. The players in this league have a good income. That is why amateurs also dream of performing at a professional level. Cricket in India is not only a prestigious and exciting business, but also a lucrative sport.

Passion for cricket betting

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So, we can say unequivocally that cricket is very popular and widespread in India for several good reasons. Among the main aspects, it is worth highlighting the following points:

  • Cricket availability and simple rules of the game
  • Decent infrastructure for playing cricket
  • Indians’ physical fitness for playing cricket
  • Contactlessness of this sport
  • Idols in the world of cricket
  • High IPL status and profitability
  • Passion for cricket betting