According to the Korean Association of Robots, the robotics market is expected to surpass $60 billion by the year 2020. The solutions that are necessary for the optimization, programming and execution of IoT interfaces play a major role in robotics research. Recent efforts have contributed to the growing demand of robotics, targeting some of the most common issues developers face, and developing new platforms to solve them. Control software is quickly becoming essential for enterprise robotic control solutions as it offers simple integration between systems, real-time analytics, and utilizes cloud-based technology.

Control Software Simplifies Integration Between Systems

The robotics industry commonly faces challenges in finding ways to integrate unmanned technologies in a simple way. Tomahawk Robotics, however, has developed a strategic answer: Kinesis. Kinesis simplifies the integration of a client’s workflow, encouraging the user to leverage the industry’s latest technologies, such as “One-to-Many Control.” With Kinesis, users can complete tasks more quickly, without jeopardizing the user’s workload.  

Control Software Utilizes Cloud-Based Technology

When working within a control software dashboard, ease-of-access is essential. Cloud-based platforms, like Kinesis, allow accessibility from any network-enabled device. This reduces system costs and promotes scalability. Whether the user manages a big or small operation, cloud accessibility and storage provides flexibility. Kinesis offers users the ability to monitor systems, update software, and manage account settings, in one place from any network-enabled device.

Control Software Offers Real-Time Analytics

IoT control systems offer several traits that distinguish them from traditional platforms. For one, IoT control systems utilize cloud-based computing that amplifies edge processing. While important data moves throughout your system network, you want to be certain the information is easily accessible when needed for processing and reporting.

Cloud-based computing enables the ability to develop learning algorithms in clusters. This helps to generate the most efficient, and moveable algorithms, providing quick results from remote systems with less bandwidth. Tomahawk’s KxM, for example, provides its users with an array of integrated connectivity options.  

Tomahawk’s Seamless Control Software

Kinesis is the world’s first IoT control software, serving industries such as Energy and Infrastructure, Security and Defense, and more. Kinesis simplifies the integration of unmanned systems technologies with support for 4G/LTE or mesh network communications. For more information, visit