Consistency is king. But unfortunately, most people seem to ignore this important element.

If you ask anyone what they think matters a lot when it comes to top ranking of a website for a given keyword, most people are likely to mention things like backlinks, an optimized title tag, and unique content and more.

While all these factors are indeed essential for SEO, they’ll generate very small results if one doesn’t practice consistency.

If you launch a new site today and publish lots of unique content plus many backlinks, but forget to keep publishing new content and getting quality links consistently to your website, you may not rank high for competitive keywords.

Let’s look at the flip side. You launch a website without backlinks and little unique content; you can get it rank high for competitive keywords in your niche if you get new backlinks and add new content consistently.

Let’s nail the point home with this illustration.

Suppose we launch two websites, X and Y, and target the same keyword for both of them. On website X, we publish 30 articles all at once and attract 300 backlinks on the very first day, thanks to social media campaigns.

On website Y, we take things gradually, and publish one post every other day so we end up getting 10 new backlinks a week. Give the two sites 6 months, and chances are high website Y will rank higher than website X. The reason for the difference is consistency.

In fact, Google just confirmed this point in the past by saying that the rate at which websites gain new backlinks and publish new content is used in their algorithm.

How Google rewards blogging consistently

We are all busy, and this explains why some websites have been neglected and deserted, like a haunted home. Well, Google still expects that you post frequently. The easiest way to achieve this is to write a couple of posts on a weekend or any other time you’re free. You can also have someone write them for you. Once you have several posts, you can schedule them for publishing on different dates.

Better still, you can use a weekly SEO service and have them craft quality posts to be published every other week. That way, you won’t lack behind in consistency and consequently, you’ll rank well in search engines.

Therefore, don’t spend your entire time perfecting individual posts such that you forget to post frequently. While quality of content matters a great deal, don’t forget to look at the frequency at which you post and update the content. It’s critical that you strike a balance between frequency and quality.

Google takes notice of high-quality content posted frequently and will reward your efforts with a higher page rank. Besides, when you post consistently, it sets you apart as an expert in your niche, and so your followers will always look forward to your new posts. Combine this with adding social media links to your sites, and you’re catapulting yourself to success.

Importance of consistency

Well, you can’t separate SEO from content marketing. Big brands like IBM, Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Disney and others know the importance of content marketing and SEO and have experienced the benefits that come with a well-executed SEO strategy.

SMEs are also leveraging on SEO while minimizing the huge costs associated with conventional marketing methods. In the 2015 B2B content marketing report, about 50 percent of the respondents affirmed consistency was their greatest challenge. However, businesses that produce high-quality, engaging, and consistent content reap some of the greatest results.

1. Consistency establishes credibility and authority

When you produce top-notch content consistently, you establish yourself as a thought leader in the industry. The frequency of your SEO efforts will make your audience to picture you as credible.

2. Builds brand awareness

There is a complete change in the way in which people consume information online. That’s why successful brands have changed the way they communicate with their target audience. Rather than sticking to one-way communication, companies are using YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and similar platforms to engage their audience.

They are also creating webinars, blogs, white papers, and videos which they share with their followers. The most successful organizations are doing all this consistently.

3. Generates leads

Regular SEO efforts are likely to generate more leads as they improve a brand’s visibility in search engines. When a site ranks higher because of its consistent SEO efforts, it’s likely to attract massive organic traffic from target audience, and most of this audience will end up being customers.

Final words

Don’t come screaming out of the gate, make it to the top of search engine rankings, and take a nap. Instead, take off gradually, but steadily. A collection of weekly SEO efforts that add up top-notch, relevant content will bring more benefits in the long haul.