The startup world can be intense and challenging even for seasoned professionals – according to some sources, over 50% of new start-ups will fail within their first four years of doing business. To beat the odds, your startup business needs the right support and tools for success. Salesforce has emerged in recent years as one of the most powerful and compelling technology solutions for both new and established businesses. Here are the top reasons why Salesforce for startups can make a difference!

Establish A Strong Foundation From Day One

Don’t put off making the kinds of strategic decisions that can support business growth, even in early stages of your startup’s development! Lay the infrastructure your business needs to thrive now. Salesforce for startups helps new businesses start solid with technology from the beginning of their launch, establishing the right groundwork from day one and growing with the business over time. Salesforce can grow and scale up alongside your start-up with ease, providing the solutions you need for each next stage of growth.

Grow Relationships With Clients

Salesforce is an innovative software solution that is dedicated to customer relationship management, which is essential to success as a startup. Establishing meaningful connections with potential and active clients is a critical part of maintaining steady business growth at any stage of development. Salesforce for startups can simplify the process of staying in contact with those business relationships by providing proactive reminders, helping to manage client journey workflows, and automating sales processes. As the leading customer relationship management software, Salesforce is trusted by over 150,000 companies to provide software solutions that support their goals.

Work Smarter, Not Harder, At Your Startup

Salesforce is widely recognized for its user-friendliness, making it easy to onboard your team. The Salesforce platform provides comprehensive user training for free via their online education portal, Trailhead. New users can complete specific learning pathways to ensure they have access to the right information based on role and access needs. Both the initial software implementation and ongoing maintenance are easy, thanks to Salesforce’s cloud-based software platform. Plus, any software updates needed can be pushed out automatically, with little to no in-house IT support needed. And you’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing that all of your company’s data is 100% secure and protected, ensuring legal and regulatory compliance. 

Facilitating Continuous Improvement 

Your startup business is always growing and improving, so your technology solutions should be, too. Salesforce is leading the way with innovation to support businesses of every size and type. The Salesforce platform has an incredibly robust suite of third-party applications for every business need, and also integrates seamlessly with numerous external software applications and platforms – including QuickBooks, PayPal, PhoneBurner, Experian, and many more. Salesforce can be accessed from anywhere and from any connected device, so the staff at your startup don’t have to be bound to a desk or an office – which is especially important for sales staff working to reach clients in the field.

Salesforce for startups can have a huge impact when launching and growing a business!