Nowadays people can’t live without WiFi. They could if they really tried, but it’s pretty safe to assume that they wouldn’t want to live in a world without WiFi. This pretty much leaves room for only two scenarios: they either have WiFi and use it, or are willing to give up WiFi for a small amount of time while on specific premises. A lot of companies offer their clients free WiFi which is a really smart business move. It might seem like a disadvantage since you’re paying for something that you’re giving away for free, but there are a lot of things you can win in return for allowing your customers to check their emails or check in with Facebook while they’re waiting at your office space or otherwise place of business. The concern of expense has been long abolished thanks to the cheap nature and availability of WiFi nowadays. With today’s costs it would be very affordable to get a data plan and have icrfq set you up with enough modems for the entire building (spaces with multiple floors are going to need more than one modem if the connection is to be of great quality). That being said, it’s time to see just why it’s so good to give free WiFi to customers.

free wifi

Spending more time at your place of business

Ever noticed how you tend to spend more time at the bathroom if you take your phone with you? The same thing applies here. If they have WiFi they are almost certain to always linger around even after their business is finished or if it’s a really long wait before they can be accommodated. This gives the business in question enough time to appeal to the client and put in place attractive offers.

Starting out with the right foot

Especially for new clients, the first impression of the business will be that they offer free WiFi which means that they have provided a benefic service to the customer. This is surely to translate in a moderate amount of trust between client and company right from the start, and customers will be a lot more open to the ideas which are proposed further on.

Free Marketing

Having control over the WiFi network gives the administrators a pretty neat ability. They can utilize the network as well as the activity of clients using the network to further promote and market the brand. When using a specific WiFi network, it can be set so that a specific webpage becomes the homepage. Data can also be tracked to better understand what clients are after, which overall adds to the efficience of future or ongoing business.